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I Shot the Sheriff, But I Did Not Choke the Deputy
Weaver comes in to talk to John Henry, who is still playing with his toys. Yes, I mean actual toys you dirty people, the Bionicles from before! He tells her about Solik who idolizes the Toa and is best friends with Takua, then states: "You're not human". Weaver shows the best expression of surprise an unemotional robot can show. John Henry informs her that he knows because she is made of metal -- different than his, but still metal -- and also because he looked into her eyes and saw that there's nothing there. If it were that easy, you'd think Ellison would have figured it out by now. Weaver asks if he's told anyone, sharpening up her T-1001 stakes, but he hasn't and she tells him that he shouldn't. John Henry shows off his mad Googling skillz with an outpouring of information on Coltan, including that his body's Coltan came from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I show off my internet skillz by discovering that Coltan actually exists and 25% of it comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I'm learning all sorts of things tonight! John Henry also adds that Weaver's company now owns 7% of the Coltan reserves worldwide, so he searched for even more information, discovering an unsecured audio conversation about the metal where two men talk about a breach, someone getting shot, and therefore the need to shut the place down even though there is 16 tons of Coltan. This peaks Weaver's interest, although she admonishes John Henry for searching it out. She starts to leave, looking like she regrets giving John Henry internet access. I'm telling you, Catherine -- vigilance is necessary for safe internet searching. Imagine what questions he would have had had he decided to go to porn sites instead? Are you really ready for the nuts and bolts speech yet? John Henry stops her and asks directly "What are you doing?" She replies that she can't answer that but that "Everything I do, I do for you", which makes me giggle at the thought of a Terminator watching Kevin Costner in tights. Did that make her become a Terminator? It would certainly make me want to kill humanity. I would have preferred if she had replied, "There's nothing I wouldn't do, to keep myself around and close to you. Do you have an opinion? A mind of your own?"

Felicia's brought a camera-thing to insert into Sarah's leg while she operates and tells Sarah she'll need to be put under. Sarah isn't liking this but Kyle argues that she isn't a machine and she needs to do this. Sarah starts to tell Felicia she knows nothing but Felicia cuts her off and tells her she understands and that Sarah needs to give up the gun. Sarah does so and Kyle reassures her that he's always there watching. At my house we all cry "stalker!" and are not reassured.

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