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The Good Wound

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I Shot the Sheriff, But I Did Not Choke the Deputy
John and Cameron are told that Riley's missing. John wants to go looking for her but Cameron grabs him and says that he doesn't. Yes, listen to Cameron, John. Good riddance! Riley is being lectured at by Jesse with the whole "I took you out of the tunnels and into paradise and this is how you repay me?" speech. If I had a nickel every time I've had to use that one... With hardly a beat, Jesse then shows concern over Riley's wrists. Riley justifies her actions by telling the story of the girl who killed herself at school back in season one and how John tried to save her. Jesse's a little disbelieving at this excuse and Riley asks if she can stay with Jesse for a little while. Jesse agrees to an hour then swings open a drawer in her table to reveal medical supplies. For the first time in our household's history, we all agree that a piece of furniture is cool.

At the warehouse of Sarah-shooting, the employees are clearing everything out. Boss Man acts like all administrators and gives people unneeded instructions. He heads in to the bathroom to the urinal and the males in the room wince as we expect another urinal termination. But no! We then expect the sink to turn into a T-1001, then the mirror, and it's getting to final-cylon-guessing proportions (my door is the killer robot!) when Weaver puts us out of our misery by doing a drive-by stabbing of Boss Man. As the creepy terminator machine-like music plays (the one that always makes me shiver), Weaver stalks through the complex in her white fitted sheath dress and fantastic shoes (I can't believe I have clothes envy of a machine), slicing and dicing people. She downloads info from their computers, goes looking for demolition equipment and saunters out of the warehouse as it explodes. The giant fireball reaches her, but no running for this T-1001 -- in a very cool effects shot, her liquid metal body walks out of the fire and reforms into Weaver.

Sheriff Trip has taken the recording of Allan's hypno-regression and shooting from Sarah's car. He identifies the gunshots, concludes they weren't from the gun found in Sarah's car and heads out to find a warehouse at the end of a dirt road. Secretly, I think that's code for "going to the bar for a drink". An explosion rocks the sheriff's department and we are being spoiled tonight because this is a second explosion - Sarah's jeep has been blown up. I'll give you three guesses as to who did it. While Sheriff Trip and the deputy are distracted, Derek burns their files and takes their laptop, but misses the recording that is still in Sheriff Trip's pocket. Seeing as Derek and Sarah recover it at the end of the episode, I don't quite know why such a big deal was made about it.

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