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Sink Or Swim
job she wants him to do? Find another one.

At the pier, John fortunately spots Chrome Artie before Chrome Artie sees him, and then we get a two-minute slow chase in which John manages to get himself into a dead-end, and then implausibly convince some total stranger to SWITCH CLOTHES with him, for God's sake. Cameron's not far behind the two of them, so you'd think she might want to break into at least a trot. John eventually jumps in the water, followed by Chrome Artie, who sinks like he's made entirely of metal. John surfaces, and sees Cameron staring at him. Yeah, thanks for the help, bodyguard. "I don't swim," says Cameron simply. And you know what? I'd really like to know why a) Cameron hasn't told John that, since it seems to be a major weakness for her and for the Terminators trying to kill John, and b) Chrome Artie lured John TO THE OCEAN.

Chrome Artie eventually walks out of the water onto the beach, but John's long gone, him and Cameron meeting up with Sarah and Derek. Sitting in the back of the van, John notices the floor is wet with blood. And then he's visiting Charley at the hospital, where the news is ... uh ... not good.

Immediately over to Michelle's funeral then, with a sympathetic Ellison standing behind Charlie, who does his best to look upset, when you know he's just trying to calculate how long he has to wait before asking Sarah out. He angrily tosses the Bible Ellison gave him onto the casket. Yeah, the Bible didn't work, Ellison. Thanks for nothing! Chrome Artie watches the funeral from a slight ways away.

At the Connor compound, the gang says grace before eating. The family that slays together, stays together.

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