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"I'll Be Back."
The doctor signs out of the cop shop, and a beep from his pager draws his attention away from what appears to be a massive Austrian sunglasses-at-night-wearing man strolling into the station. Either that or Corey Hart has really been hitting the weight room. The Terminator robotically says he's a friend of Sarah Connor's and would like to see her. The idiot desk sergeant confirms, to the strange man fitting the description of someone who attacked a woman in their custody, that the woman whose life is in peril is indeed in that building. And that she's making a statement. "It could take a while. If you want to wait, there's a bench over there." The Terminator futilely tries to see into the station, and then gives the enclosed security gate the once-over. This escapes the cop's notice. "I will return," says the Terminator, or something like that. He walks out, and the cop keeps going with his paperwork, at least until a car drives through the front doors and into the security gate, pinning him against the wall. Do you think it was the Terminator? I say yes. Sarah startles awake, hearing the noise. The Terminator gets out of his car and starts cutting a swath through the cops. And honestly, given that most of them seem to respond to the sounds of car accidents and carnage by running into the room holding their coffee cups, I could probably take these guys without a whole lot of trouble. The lieutenant comes into the room, closing the door behind him. "Stay here," he says, and goes out through another door, closing that behind him, like THANKS, LIEUTENANT, FOR LEAVING ME HERE ALONE. Arnie shoots more cops, and then opens a door to find the station's electrical panel, and he rips off the main supply line, and sticks it, sparking, into the lighting circuit. The lights spark and explode. I'm not sure this would have happened so cinematically, but the building goes dark, and the emergency lighting comes on. The cop in the room with Reese opens the door to see what's going on, and Traxler, running by, says, "Watch him." Too late! Reese knocks the guy out and sees about getting his cuffs off. Meanwhile, Sarah stands around hyperventilating, before hiding under a desk. The Terminator continues his rampage, alternating between his automatic weapon and his shotgun. The sound effects also alternate between automatic fire and shotgun blasts, but not in the same pattern. Nice job, guys. The lieutenant fires a few rounds from an M-16 in the Terminator, and gets taken down. Traxler seems to think, "Hey, I want in on this," and it's bye-bye Traxler.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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