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"I'll Be Back."
Sarah glances out from under the desk and sees a silhouette in the door's frosted glass, and ducks back under. The doorknob rattles, and then Reese punches through to open the door from the inside. He checks the rooms, and yells, "Sarah!" Sarah obligingly scrambles out, and they go running off down the hall. Elsewhere, the movie's composer has turned the beatbox on his synthesizer up as high as it will go, as the Terminator strides among the carnage and flames. Reese and Sarah are peeling out in the parking lot, and the Terminator shoots after them, missing them completely. He calmly walks out into the parking lot. It's dark. Reese's gas tank is empty, and the radio is talking about L.A. County's greatest single law-enforcement mobilization ever in a manhunt for...they switch the radio off. Now we'll never know! The two of them push the car off the road and take refuge in a culvert. Reese asks Sarah if she's cold. She's only shivering enough to rattle her fillings loose. Instead of offering her his jacket, he crouches beside her and puts his arm around her. She asks him if he has a first name. It's Kyle. "What's it like when you go through time?" she asks. "White light. Pain. It's like being born, maybe," he says, reflectively. She notices blood on her hands, and Reese nonchalantly admits he's been shot, and resists her insisting that they go to a doctor. She orders him to take his jacket off, and opens the car's first aid kit. "Jesus, I'm going to puke," she whines after seeing the wound. We don't see the wound. I guess the bulk of the makeup budget went to the Terminator's Mike Myers mask. Sarah hopes some inane chatter will keep her from chundering all over the man from the future, so she asks about her son. "He's about my height. He has your eyes." And her Bon Jovi hair? There's more: "You trust him. He's got a strength. I'd die for John Connor." "At least now I know what to name him," jokes Sarah, who asks Reese if he knows who the father is. Yeah, WONDER WHO THAT'LL BE. Reese says John never said much about his father. "I know he dies before the war --" begins Kyle, but Sarah makes him stop, saying she doesn't want to hear anymore. Oh, but Kyle volunteered for this mission, so he could come back to meet the legend. It's 1984, so he's talking about...Boy George? No, Sarah Connor. "Taught her son to fight, to organize, from when he was a kid." Sarah's going nuts listening to him talk in the past tense about stuff she hasn't done yet, and isn't even sure Kyle's got the right person. She can't believe she's the "mother of the future" since she can't even balance her own chequebook. Uh, no one called you "mother of the future," there, Sarah. Dial it back. She says she doesn't even want the honour.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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