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"I'll Be Back."
Suddenly, a nearby Mexican boy snaps a Polaroid of her and starts talking excitedly in Spanish. She asks the attendant for a translation, and he says the boy said that she is very beautiful and he is ashamed to ask for five dollars for the picture, but if he does not, his father will beat him. Sarah smiles, calls it a good hustle, and offers him four, which he accepts. Needless to say, it's the picture Reese carried with him in the future. The boy runs off, yelling something else, as the wind picks up. "He says there is a storm coming," says the attendant. Sarah stares off into the middle distance. "I know," she says, before putting on her sunglasses and heading off down the highway, towards the phony storm. What's in that storm? Liquid metal. A Guns N' Roses video. The unsettling truth that her son may well one day save humanity, but as a teenager he'll be mind-bogglingly annoying. And you will believe a robot can cry.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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