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On now to a chaotic police station, where grizzled lieutenant Ed is getting the lowdown on a couple of murders that day. Women, both named Sarah Connor. "Is this right?" he says. "The press is gonna be short-stroking it all over the place," says the detective. Lousy press! I don't think I even want to know what "short-stroking it" means. These two morons lament the weird "one-day pattern killer." It occurs to neither that maybe they should check to see if there are any other women who fit the pattern. Oh, Lord. See, whenever I get nostalgic for the '80s, I will remember Sarah in her feathered hair and peach Jedi costume and Ginger, who spent all evening with her blow-dryer in order to make herself look like Brian May in a hot pink dress. This is what the hot women looked like back then. "Better than mortal men deserve," says Ginger. Well, the mortal men of the time wore T-shirts with pastel suits and sandals with no socks, so technically she is correct. Before heading out on the town, Ginger checks the messages on a microwave-sized device in the living room, while Sarah looks for her pet iguana (Pugsley), who is sliming all over the place. Bad news: Sarah's date is canceling. "That bum," says Ginger, all pouty solidarity. "So what if he has a Porsche? He can't treat you like this. It's Friday night, for Chrissakes." Sarah declines Ginger's offer to break the guy's kneecaps, and opts to go to a movie instead. In the parking garage, Sarah gets on her scooter, and looks around apprehensively, wondering perhaps if any time-traveling killing machines are lying in wait nearby. Satisfied she's safe, she drives off. Biehn, shrouded in darkness in his sedan, starts his car up and follows her, so the tenant at 229 can finally use his spot now, thank you very much. Back at the police station, the press corps are shouting questions at the detective and the lieutenant. They just let the reporters in the station like that? I don't think so. One of the reporters asks if the police are aware the murders happened in the same order as their names in the phone book. The cops ignore the press, and head into another room, where we find out that the police have been calling "the other girl" and even sent a unit over there, and have gotten no answer. That's because there's a different sort of unit getting a workout right now: Matt and Ginger are in bed and are ignoring the ringing telephone (Ginger's voice on the tape does the annoying "Hello? ...Ha, ha, fooled you" thing that has never fooled anyone, ever, not even in the early '80s when we all looked upon new technologies as some kind of wicked magic).

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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