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"I'll Be Back."
Back at the station, the detective hangs up. "Same shit," he says. "I can hear it now. He's going to be called 'The Phone Book Killer,'" says the lieutenant, who needs to worry a little more about women being murdered and a little less about what the press will write about women being murdered. Then it occurs to the lieutenant that if he can get on the news, the last Sarah Connor might call them. Luckily, as he opens the door, there's a cameraman standing RIGHT THERE with a camera in his face. Because police stations usually let reporters have the run of the place. After a movie alone, Sarah has decided on having dinner alone. More antiquated concepts for you: smoking indoors in a bar, and a television tuned to the news instead of a game. Sarah overhears that a second Sarah Connor has been murdered, and takes it about as well as you'd expect. (Unless you'd expect her to say, "Whoa. Freaky!" and go back to chowing down). She races to a pay phone, and grabs a phone book. Luckily, it's not one that's been used by killers in a hurry, so the page with her name on it is still there. She's the only one left. She picks up the receiver, but the phone is out of order (for you younger kids, it's like having no bars on your cell phone). She heads outside, looking around apprehensively, and notices Michael Biehn creepily holding up a doorway. She passes him by, and he follows her, so she ducks into a crummy ill-lit disco named "TechNoir" and the Brigitte Nielsen (all blonde women looked like her back then) on the door makes her pay the $4.50 cover charge so she can use the pay phone in the back. She calls the police, but gets an "All our lines are busy" message. She hangs up. Don't do that! When you call back, you'll be at the end of the queue! Your call is very important to them! Back at Sarah's apartment, the double-parked police car on stakeout gets a call that there's a 211 in progress (that's an armed robbery, good buddy) at a liquor store. He peels on out of there, and Arnie marches right on up the front steps of the building and checks out the apartment directory. In the apartment, Ginger apparently never takes her Walkman off for anything, not even PG-rated missionary sex. She leaves a spent Matt in bed and bops her way into the kitchen, where she cleans out a ton of food from the fridge and gets a scare from Pugsley the iguana crawling around. She threatens to make a belt out of him (as was the style at the time). Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Matt is not responding well to Arnie's attempt to make it a threesome. He smacks Arnie with a lamp, which only gets him thrown through a glass closet door, into a mirror, and onto a credenza. Ginger hears nothing through the sound of her '80s pop music, and her own drumming (with celery sticks). On her way back to the bedroom, she shrieks as Matt's bloody body gets thrown through the wall, and can't get away before Arnie plugs her in the back with his laser-sighted .45. Gasping, she crawls away, and Arnie calmly walks over and fires a few more times, killing her. The phone rings, and Arnie, startled, trains his gun on the answering machine, but doesn't shoot it (professional courtesy?). If he had, he wouldn't have heard a frantic Sarah's message telling Ginger to come pick her up at TechNoir. He rifles through a drawer, finding an address book, with an ID for Sarah, so he sees what she looks like. He doesn't look too bothered by the fact that he killed the wrong woman. They didn't even give him a picture of her before they sent him back in time?

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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