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he asks him to be a consultant then, to help her "raise" the AI program. "Just treat it like one of your patients. You'll do well," she says. We get a shot of the base of the lamp, reminding us that the bug is no longer there. Then she natters on about her most vivid childhood memory is her dad bringing home butcher paper because she liked the smell. "What did the paper smell like?" asks Sherman, smiling. "Cow's blood," she says. Yeah, that anecdote needs some work, Catherine.

Back at the Connor Compound, Sarah watches John examine the Griffinator, and she voices over some history of doctors diagnosing soldiers in the 17th century with "nostalgia" -- homesickness. "The cruel reality of war is that there is no return home, no return to innocence," she says. Catherine plays with her daughter, or rather, successfully simulates playing with her daughter. "What is lost is lost forever," says Sarah. Derek sits on a park bench, like HAVE ANOTHER HOTDOG, DEREK. "Like my father, war's wounds have bled me dry," says Sarah. Quick shots of Jesse's scar, Cameron looking at the suicide pamphlet and then looking at the self-destructed chip, and John looking at the bullet hole in his mirror. And Sarah's STILL going on, damn.

Back to Sherman's office, saying he was surprised when this unseen patient called. "Why don't you tell me why you're here," he says. It's Sarah. She doesn't answer, but she flashes back to the assault, and we see that it was John. John wrapped his hands around the intruder's throat and pulled until his neck snapped, while Sarah worked feverishly to free herself.

We end on a shot of Sarah looking distraught. You'd think she'd be proud!

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