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Sarah and Cameron arrive at the school, with John entreating her to blend in. Let's presume he taught her some hip phrases like "no problemo" and "hasta la vista" on the way over. Basically, he wants her to not be a "freak" and asks if she knows what he means. Sarah rattles off a list of synonyms for freak, and says, "I've been reading the dictionary. I don't sleep." Some advanced cybernetic intelligence! She can't even tell the difference between a dictionary and a thesaurus! John tells her that talking like that is being a freak. Oh, and she shouldn't act like she's his bodyguard; she's supposed to be his sister. "You won't fool anyone," he says. "I fooled you," she points out. He's got no comeback for that.

Nearby, a crowd has gathered around what seems to be a painting of a door on the school wall. There's no clue what it means other than for a letter A on the window of the "door." "What's that all about?" asks John. "Appears to be a re-imagining of a trompe l'oeil fresco," says Cameron, who's destined to ace art history (if not French). A blond girl seems oddly distressed by the painting. My theory is that the Road Runner painted it so he could escape from Wile E. Coyote.

The actual door to the school is going to be a bit of a problem for Cameron, since the students are filing through metal detectors while the security guard calls out, "Cellphones, hats, rings, and bling," as they make their way in. John gets through no problem, but Cameron's going to be a little tougher. Not so much of a problem, though, that John doesn't exchange glances with a blonde girl (not the same one upset by the trompe l'oeil), before stepping in when Cameron trips the alarm. He tells the security guard that Cameron has a metal plate in her head, a big one. The guard waves his metal-detecting wand over Cameron's head, and sure enough, it chirps and whirrs, and he lets her through, so Cameron doesn't have to kill him. This time.

Sarah shows up at Miles Dyson's grave, where Tarissa is laying a bouquet of flowers. "I thought you were dead," says Tarissa, without much surprise at the fact that Sarah is very much alive. "I'd explain it to you, but I can't," says Sarah, as if Tarissa, considering everything she's been through, couldn't handle it. Sarah lays a yellow rose on Miles' grave. Tarissa asks what Sarah wants: "You never die, and you always want something." Sarah hands over the photographs for Tarissa to thumb through to see if she recognizes anyone. Tarissa looks through them, shakes her head. Sarah suggests one of them might be involved with Skynet now and not even know it. Tarissa looks at her blankly, so Sarah apologizes and starts to leave, whereupon Tarissa says the fourth picture, the young one, was an intern at Cyberdyne one summer. Miles liked him. "Is he going to die too? Is that what happens now? He dies?" Sarah says, "I don't know. I hope not." Tarissa says if he does, Sarah needs to make sure it's not in vain. "No one dies in vain," says Sarah, before walking away. Tarissa cocks her head, because I think she might take issue with that.

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