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If You Want Blood (You've Got It)

At the resistance safe house, Agent Ellison strolls in among the crime scene guys and gets his chops busted by the field agent already there, who says "Hoover was cross-dressing at Quantico" the last time Ellison set foot on a crime scene. Ellison ignores this and tells her the same gun that killed the people here killed one of his informants: Enrique Salceda (since Cameron killed Enrique, I guess the explanation is Cameron used a gun she found at the safe house. I'd check, but what used to be a recording of the second episode is now a recording of Game 2 of the 1988 Smythe Division final between the Oilers and the Flames. Ellison thinks there might be a connection, because Enrique made fake paper, and these guys had fake paper. Agent Brassy says this wasn't any kind of terrorist sleeper cell or anything, because the prints didn't match up in any database. Because sleeper cells are generally made up of criminals wanted by major international law-enforcement agencies, right? Agent Brassy says these guys were small-time drug dealers. Ellison looks at the wired safe and sarcastically says you see this all the time. "Why was the safe wired directly into the power?" he says. "Why is the sky blue, Ellison? Don't overthink it," shrugs Agent Brassy. Uh, Agent Brassy? There is a reason the sky is blue. "Somebody came back here for whatever was in that safe. They're out there, and I'm going to find them," says Ellison.

Elsewhere, Chrome Artie, still in his Homeless Snake Eyes getup, helps himself to some Type O plasma at what I'm presuming is a blood bank, stuffing it in the handy dandy coolers. Neither the intern nor the security guard has much luck stopping him. On the other hand, they're still alive, so maybe luck was with them after all.

Sarah struts around a cell phone store, rocking the leather look until she draws Andy Goode into her orbit. He asks if he can help her. She says she's just looking, and he says, "You kept looking over like you needed something." She lets that hang in the air, and I'm half-surprised Andy hasn't gone all Squeaky-Voiced Teen by this point, like I would have. He says the phone she's looking at is his desert-island phone. He outlines all the non-telephone features the phone has (camera, music, texting, voice modulator, breath spray, etc.). "What happens if I press these numbers here?" she says, confusing him. "If I press seven of them, will someone talk to me through the ear part up here?" He says yeah, looking unsure if she's yanking his chain (which she clearly is) or if she's like Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer and all our modern ways and shiny technology confuse and frighten her.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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