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A man with a British accent, wearing a white shirt and tie, enters his home, talking on his cell phone about a guy who's "eighteen months ahead of the Germans" which I guess could mean this guy is already way into 2009, and complains about grant money not going to The Cutting Edge or maybe just "the cutting edge" and at any rate he stops when he realizes the Homeless Snake Eyes is standing in his living room. Chrome Artie picks him up by the throat and holds him there for several seconds, which sounds bad, but this is how people greet each other in 2029.

John and Cameron come home from school, and Cameron announces "I have a metal plate in my head" before going upstairs to doodle on her Note Tote. John's synopsis is that he didn't get killed and Cameron didn't kill anybody, so it was a pretty good day. Geez, can we talk about the fucking low academic expectations of the Connor family? Sarah says Tarissa Dyson wasn't so much "surprised" to see Sarah alive as she was "disappointed." Cameron comes back with guns that need cleaning, which is what I guess I can look forward to when my daughter is high school age, and Sarah just hands her a cloth.

Anyway, Sarah reports that Tarissa IDed a former intern at Cyberdyne, and John figures the guy is now building "rocket guidance systems" and is surprised that the guy is just a cell phone salesman, which is kind of like being surprised that a guy who interned at a movie theatre didn't end up becoming Martin Scorsese.

Anyway, Sarah's having dinner with him. "Like a date?" says John. No, not a date, says Sarah. "Are you going to kill him?" asks Cameron. Hee! Although, it must be said that at this point Cameron's closer to correct than John is. Sarah's quite indignant at Cameron's suggestion, since she doesn't even know the guy, and Cameron has her whatever face on (it's hard to tell, because it looks like all her other faces) and goes back to cleaning her Uzi. "No one dies until I say so," says Sarah, telling John to tell Cameron, who replies, "People die all the time. They won't wait for her." John makes a face like, "It's like the robot from Small Wonder grew up and is all hot but still takes everything literally" until Cameron says, "I fooled you again." Everyone has a good laugh. But seriously, Sarah, take your gun.

At the scientist's house, Chrome Artie has finished saying hello, and the recovering scientist asks him things like, "Who are you? How did you find me?" Interestingly, he also asks, "Are you a veteran? Is that what this is about?" When asked if he speaks, the Endoskeleton of Christmas Future silently points at the wall, which is covered by an insanely complicated formula. The scientist stands up, and his fear seems to be overtaken by fascination. "That's just not possible. That's an epidermal growth rate that's just not sustainable." He says a couple other science-y things before repeating, "It's not possible." "Possible," croaks out Chrome Artie. Silk Tie the Science Guy has another look, and sees something else, I suppose. "Woo was wrong," he says, and rattles off some other names, colleagues or rivals, I suppose, all of whom were wrong, although some were closer than others. "I wasn't even close," he says. "Can you do it?" says Artie. There's a slight electronic tone to his voice. Silk Tie the Science Guy stammers out that he'd have to go his lab, for equipment, and, they'll also need at least twenty units of blood. "I brought my own," says Artie, indicating the cooler. BYOB, dude. Let's do this thing. "Yes I can," says Silk Tie.

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