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If You Want Blood (You've Got It)

Silk Tie is working in his lab, making notes to himself on a handheld tape recorder. He says the one thing no one thought of is using a "synthetic oxygen carrier" and I should probably warn everybody right now that I am not going to have any idea whether any of the science jargon is only semi-bullshit or total bullshit. So I'm not going to be able to say, "Nice try, but current synthetic oxygen carrier technology could never provide the requisite oxidization for a project of this scope" or whatever, because I don't even know what that is. If an upcoming episode's plot hinges around the lead singers of various current and defunct Canadian bands, I'm your guy, but I'll be letting you down on the science aspects. "The real-world applications are mind-blowing," he tells Chrome Artie, who just looks at him through the ski goggles. Silk Tie looks momentarily unnerved. He ain't seen nothing yet.

Silk Tie dumps a vat of grenadine into a bathtub -- oh, that's blood. Lovely. "It's ready," he says. He asks Artie if he can videotape what's about to happen, which sounds kind of forward to me, and Artie shakes his head and pushes past him and starts undressing. Cut to Silk Tie's slack-jawed reaction. Cut back to Artie, standing there in all his metallic altogether. "Who are you? What are you?" says Silk Tie. Artie holds out his hand, motioning to the door. Silk Tie closes the bathroom door, the two of them inside.

Sarah's back at the doctor's office, who wonders why she's come to see him, since he called her about the test results, which were negative. "You're healthy as a horse. A healthy horse!" She says she wants to know if there's anything she can do for cancer prevention. He says that whatever she's doing seems to be working, which seems fallacious to me, but he tells her not to smoke, to get exercise, and to eat leafy greens. Also, "don't snort asbestos." He says she's got no risk factors, no genetic factors to indicate she's a candidate. "Is there anything else about your history I should know?" Sarah's face is all, "No, nothing about my history." You've got children, right? asks the doctor. Sarah nods, and the doctor chalks it up to her worrying about being strong and healthy for them. "Don't drive yourself crazy chasing the future. We can't predict. We can only try and prevent," he says, and I really really hope tertiary characters aren't constantly making surfacely-inocuous-but-actually-apropos comments about the future.

Back at the Connor compound, Sarah calls Andy. Don't give it up on the second date, Sarah!

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