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Sorry, Charley

Meanwhile, Cameron has found the van at the port of the City of Los Angeles, which looks kind of abandoned, and she rips open some fencing to get into the warehouse where the van's parked.

Inside a room, Derek sits blindfolded and tied to a chair. Cameron goes striding through this huge cavernous water-bottle storehouse, when suddenly she's doused with water from above, drenching her. One of the khaki dudes jumps out with an electrical cable that he touches to the puddle at her feet, making her jerk around and collapse. He kicks the gun away from her prone form, and we hear him (and Derek hears him) say, "Okay, it's down. I need to know what to do next. Show me where to cut." And then he's looking on his fancy-schmancy cellphone with a little video showing him where to find her chip. "Where'd you get this diagram? Your brother? You don't say." John Henry, you rat fink! He goes to work to start cutting, only Cameron flicks her eyes upward and then grabs him by the throat. Was it enough time for her to reboot? I don't think so -- and since we didn't see her POV screen winking out, I'm leaning towards the "she was faking it" explanation.

She pulls off Derek's blindfold, and he just stares at her. "You're welcome," she eventually says. Seriously, Derek. Just because you were Tasered and kidnapped, that's no excuse for poor manners. As they leave the warehouse, Derek asks why she came after him. It's not because she likes your rugged good looks, Reese; it's because you know the location of the safehouse. "If they had tortured you," she says, and Derek interrupts to say that would never happen. "It has before," she reminds him. This would be in the basement? Or in some other future flashback scene that we'll hopefully get to see soon?

Sarah's back at the lighthouse safehouse, making her way past the broken crockery, and confronted with the lifeless body of the dog. She goes racing out the backdoor, sees the charred wood and flames and a body on the beach -- one of the khaki guys. She races to the gangplank to the dock, but there's no boat there. She seems momentarily relieved, and then sees something off to the side -- Charley's body, holes in the chest, floating faceup in the water. Liz Lemon's going to be so pissed. [After last episode? I think she'll be thrilled. - Z]

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