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Sorry, Charley

Sarah comes in and walks past them into another room without saying a word. "She's been here before," says John. "Not with me," says Charley, adding that Sarah set this place up after his wife died. "She tell you why we're here?" asks John, and Charley says no. Does it really matter? How much worse could it get for this guy? Well, I guess we'll see.

Sarah comes back out and tells John that the spare room's in there. He's surprised that they're apparently spending the night. Sarah says they'll meet up with Derek and Cameron tomorrow, and then everyone sits around in awkward silence, with Charley finally breaking it by telling John he could use some help on the boat. John skedaddles, leaving Charley and Sarah to make painful small talk about the soup. Charley brusquely starts to move past her, and she assures him that they won't be there long. "No, you won't," he says.

Outside, John fills Charley in on the whole Riley situation while they work on the boat. "You love her?" asks Charley. "She was a good person. I don't..." shrugs John, eventually saying, "Maybe if things were different." Charley says you could say that about a lot of things. John says he could say that about his whole life, but it's not different, so what's the point? Well, you were the one who started the "maybe if things were different" talk, you big baby. From inside the house, Sarah watches the two of them bonding.

Now Charley's telling John that after his wife died, he'd see her at the supermarket. So he stopped going. Then he realized it wasn't her: "That's just some random woman who wears her hair in a ponytail the way Michelle used to." Well, that must have been a relief, to find out it wasn't Zombie Michelle after all. So he wound up going back to the market, because, "A man can only live on convenience store burritos for so long." You know, before I got married, that last sentence wouldn't have made too much sense to me.

Then the two of them bond over how Charley's rigged the area with Semtex, and an alarm will go off if someone breaches the perimeter. He figures he's got 60 seconds to get away. John says a boat can't stop bullets, but Charley says even if the boat's sunk, he's still got a chance, because "those bastards can't swim." "Chrome Artie," says John, thinking back to that "hell of a day, huh?" Charley nods slightly, then abruptly says they've got more work to do.

Later that night, Sarah stands in the doorway and watches her son sleep, and she flashes back to the jungle again, her up before dawn while John sleeps by the fire. Sarah quietly packs up her stuff and leaves John alone (although not before putting the sleeping boy's hand back on his gun, where it belongs), stealing off into the jungle.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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