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Something in the Water (Does Not Compute)

In the hotel room, John's there playing with his Cameron Destructo-Pocket Watch when Derek comes in. And as usual, the characters on this show avoid looking at each other whenever possible, because it's more dramatic that way.

"Complications. That watch. It has complications," says Derek, finally, adding that the complications of time and the future are what he's been thinking about. John sits down. "What do they think about me? In the future, what do people think?" he asks. Derek says if he's asking if people agree with everything he does, of course not. "If you're asking if everybody loves you... love's a lot to ask for." Well, thanks for cheering up your nephew. "You can't do what you do and expect everybody to agree. Or to love you."

John asks what it is that he does. "You lead," says Derek. "And they follow," says John. "We follow. We rise or fall on your shoulders," says Derek, and if that's not pressure enough, "Humanity rises -- or falls -- on your shoulders. But we're always watching." "For me to make a mistake?" asks John. "For you to be human," says Derek. I suppose in the future, Us magazine has a "Leaders of the Human Resistance -- They're just like us!" section.

John asks if he did it: "Did you kill her?" "John Connor let her go," says Derek. That's all he says.

Montage. Sarah putting another arm in the terminator spare parts bonfire. Damn, how much of that stuff is there? Cameron stands overlooking the city lights at night, holding a pigeon that is alive. FOR NOW. A maid tidies up the late Jesse's hotel room, and notices one of the lamps is a little out of place, so she fixes it. Quick flash to the future, with a dirty, frightened Riley huddled underground, and soldier Jesse crouching down beside her, brushing the hair off her face. "You're a pretty girl. What's your name?"

And then Cameron, John and Sarah sit together in the living room. Sarah looks at John. John looks over at Cameron, trying to hold back tears, and failing. Sarah reaches for her sobbing son, who leans over and cries in her lap while she comforts him.

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