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Something in the Water (Does Not Compute)

Dietz asks Jesse if she's going to let them know what's in the box, or if it's just between her and Queeg. "It's just between Queeg and Queeg," says Jesse, admitting she doesn't have any idea what it is. "That doesn't bother you? Metal keeping secrets from skin?" says Dietz, this weird edge to him. I mean, she's still your superior, Dietz. Jesse says (presumably pretending) that it doesn't bother her, not even a little. Dietz says it should bother her, a lot, and that one of them should know what it is, not just one of "them." "One of us knows. His name's John Connor," says Jesse, shrugging and walking away, while Dietz scowls like crazy at her.

So in the mess hall later Dietz is doing a little rabble-rousing, telling the other crew members that they work for the robots, and not the other way around. Everyone looks kind of uncomfortable, and Jesse strolls in at the back of the room and takes in the show. One of the crew speaks up to say that John Connor needed the box, so they got it, but Dietz isn't hearing that: "Connor is so into his chess match with Skynet, he doesn't see how the tin cans have got us right where they want us. Metal on every base, running the show in all but name." He says they're just waiting to hit them all at once with something big, maybe with what's in the box.

Jesse finally steps in to say break time's over, and for everyone to get back to their stations, and Dietz isn't exactly snapping to, and she tells him to get back to his rack, and he's all attitude, and she informs him that the response should be "yes, ma'am," and she says he's a good sailor, but the pressure is getting to him. "So what's getting to you, ma'am?" he snaps back.

In the present, Jesse stands on the edge of the pool for a moment before diving in.

Over at the Connor compound, Sarah is polishing the knobs on the kitchen cupboards or something really useful, like aren't you guys supposed to be moving or something? John sulks his way into the kitchen and silently sits down. "You went to see the body," says Sarah. She tells him he shouldn't have done it. She sits down across from him. He grits out that he knows it was a risk. "I don't mean the risk. You shouldn't have to remember her like that, that's all," she says. He says there were things he needed to see and understand, and she asks if he understands them now, and he says he thinks he does, and he's sorry he doubted her. She shakes her head and says, "John..." only he says, "Not you. Her," looking over her shoulder. There's Cameron standing there. Oh, hi! Didn't hear you come in. John gets up, presumably so he can go hang out on his bed with his cyborg bodyguard/girlfriend.

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