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Something in the Water (Does Not Compute)

Sarah asks why she's here. "Protect John. Hunt Skynet. Stop Judgment Day," Cameron rattles off, but Sarah wants to know more than that. "John sent you here from the future. He sent you away. Away from him." She says maybe Cameron should think about why John didn't want her around anymore. Maybe Sarah should think about the fact that John sent her back to HIMSELF, so it's probably not because John doesn't trust Cameron.

John Henry is still up painting miniatures, only Ellison is nowhere to be seen when Weaver comes in. "You're up late," she says. "I convinced Mr. Ellison to leave this body operational," he tells her, which she calls "progress." He shows her some kind of ogre thing and tells her he made its eyes blue. "They're the window to the soul," he says. She takes it and looks at it. This one's going on the fridge!

He casually tells her that while he's been painting, he's been taking inventory at Zeira Corp -- she looks startled -- and he's discovered some things. Like a peregrine falcon nest on a ledge on the twenty-third floor, and the eggs are going to hatch soon. Weaver smiles. She knew about the nest, but not the eggs. No, if she'd known about the eggs, she would have craned her neck out the window and slithered around to eat them. Oh, and in her "private database," John Henry says, he's found letters of resignation from former employees Richard Hack, Laura Rogers and Justin Tuck. The documents included new jobs and changes of address, but he can't find any records of these people in their new locations or jobs. "Is that so," says Weaver, evenly.

John Henry's also found letters of resignation from all the employees of Project Babylon, including Mr. Murch and Mr. Ellison (the pictures pop up on the screen behind John Henry). Ellison's file has documents that indicate he's taken a new job and moved to Copenhagen. "The documents have no dates," says John Henry. Weaver says that's very interesting. "Mr. Ellison is our friend," says John Henry, and Weaver agrees. "Are you going to kill him?" asks John Henry. Nice to see his Getting Right To The Point software is working so well. "Mr. Ellison has proven himself a capable and loyal employee, but he's still a human being," says Weaver. John Henry reminds her that human life is sacred, and Weaver says they have to prepare for any contingency, because humans will disappoint you. Oh, yeah, and my computer NEVER crashes. Up yours, Weaver.

Jesse's toweling off by the side of the pool when some guy -- probably the attendant? -- strolls up and says it was a pretty long swim tonight, and Jesse could not be less interested in talking to the creepy guy who's apparently been watching her swim, but she fakes politeness, and he asks where her friend the blond girl is, because he doesn't think he's ever seen Jesse in here without her, and Jesse says she'll be sure to bring her next time, and then the pool guy is like, "She's a nice girl," like maybe you should have tried hitting on Riley when SHE WAS ACTUALLY THERE, Creepy Pool Guy. "She... she is," says Jesse. Fortunately, not, "She... she was."

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