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Something in the Water (Does Not Compute)

Back aboard the Jimmy Carter, Jesse walks into the command room, where Queeg is at the controls, and he tells her she looks ill and should get some rest, and she's all, "I'm fine, not like DIETZ," and he tells her that Dietz tried to murder a superior officer and incited the crew to riot, possibly to mutiny. "Possibly" to mutiny? Jesse was being kicked to death on the floor! Anyway, the penalty for that is death, Queeg tells her, and Jesse tells him he doesn't get to impose summary judgment like that. "Mr. Dietz's behavior threatened our mission," says Queeg. "What mission? Your behavior threatens our mission," says Jesse -- like, nice comeback -- and she tells him the crew's tearing itself apart because that thing killed a woman and took her shape, and Queeg can't expect them to act like it didn't happen.

Yeah, he can, actually; he tells her to report to her rack because she's ill. She asks him if he really wants to "do it this way," only he doesn't know what she's talking about, so she formally says that as XO and ranking human aboard the ship she's relieving him from command under suspicion of compromise to his programming. She tells him to move away from the controls.

After several seconds, he pushes back the controls and stands up, and walks over to her. She tells him to submit to chip extraction, and the "chip tech" will decide what to do. He looks at her for a few long seconds, and then turns to the chief of the boat to tell him to escort Commander Flores to her rack, because she's ill. Nobody moves, and Jesse tells Queeg she gave him an order. "My mission order overrides standard behavior protocols. You have no authority on this boat," he tells her. That would probably necessitate a change of underwear on my part. He tells her again that she's ill. She shakes her head and says they can't take that thing to Serrano Point, that John Connor has to know -- and he interrupts her to tell her "John Connor knows what he needs to know." And then: "Your behavior threatens our mission." Which is, of course, what got Dietz killed. So Jesse turns to go, and Queeg heads back to the controls, but Jesse suddenly grabs a rifle, spins and shoots Queeg in the head before he has any time to react. He falls to the ground and lies there, the top of his head blown apart. Aimed for the chip, like Derek told her. Meanwhile Garvin and the chief of the boat are just standing around uselessly, and Jesse tells the chief to record that she relieved Queeg of command. "We can't drive the boat without him!" yells the chief, and she says they're not going to drive the boat. And she starts smashing the control panels with the butt of her rifle, much to the crew's shock. "We're taking her to crush depth. Mother Nature will handle the metal," she says.

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