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Something in the Water (Does Not Compute)

He says that she made mistakes, small things; a word or a phrase. "'Carrots and apples.' I'm guessing that's yours." He says when they were in Mexico, she heard his real name and ignored it. A man took his picture, and she destroyed it. "She put herself between me and a machine that was hunting me," he says. And he realized one day that she wasn't treating him like John Baum, but like John Connor.

Jesse finally breaks her silence to ask when that was. John's all, "I have to stare dramatically out the window before I can answer you." He shrugs and says he doesn't remember exactly, but it was a bad day. "Anyway, I started following her. The rest was easy. And hard." Jesse says Riley wanted to tell him. "I know. But she didn't."

He indicates Jesse's scratches and asks if Riley did that to her. Jesse nods, and John goes on with his pontificating. He says Riley figured out what Jesse was up to before he did. He couldn't figure out why she'd go to the school counselor or to DCFS. Because she didn't. "I only understood after I saw how you'd hurt her. That's when I knew what you'd try to do, and how it went wrong." Jesse says she's sorry. "Yeah. Everybody says that," says John, adding that it's all his fault, because he knew Riley was in trouble and could have helped her, but didn't. "You wanted it to be real," offers Jesse. "Or maybe I wanted to win," he says. Jesse says he didn't want to be John Baum, but John Connor. "But that's just the thing, isn't it? I am John Connor." And he's barely whispering at this point.

He throws a duffel bag at her feet and tells her to go. "Just like that?" she says, surprised. "If I have to live with this, so do you," he tells her. Maybe he's seen that her guilt has her twitchily moving around lamps! She asks him if it would have worked. "If the cyborg had murdered the girl, or if I could have made you believe that she had," says Jesse. John thinks about it for a second before saying it wouldn't have.

"Well, it's a damn shame," says Jesse. "It's a damn waste," she adds, before walking out the door, all attitude. Well, it was your plan, crabby.

Back to the future again, where Jesse is being questioned by Cameron in some kind of barracks enclosed by sheets. Cameron chides her because her actions resulted in the loss of a T-888 as well as the Jimmy Carter, which is irreplaceable, and Jesse notes that she hasn't mentioned the people they lost. "You never do," she adds. Cameron takes a moment to pretend to be sorry about losing them, as well as the box, "We opened the damn box! Hell came out of it!" yells Jesse, who wants to be taken to Connor to give him the message, but Cameron says that isn't going to happen: "Telling me is the same as telling John." That just makes Jesse laugh and shake her head. "Dietz was right. Who the hell is running this war? What the hell are we fighting for if telling you is the same as telling Connor?" But then she gets all "fuck it" and passes on the message: "You tell Connor that the metal monster said that the answer is no." Cameron seems somewhat surprised by the answer, or at least it's taking her a few minutes to process, like when you get that little spinning wheel on your Mac.

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