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Suboceanic Homesick Blues
he sonar will reflect off the "thermocline layer," so they'll be invisible, Jesse realizes. The chief complains that if Queeg's off by even a millimetre for even a fraction of a second, they'll be dead, but Jesse confidently says he won't be: "This is what he does." Garvin reports two detonations, the two torpedoes. "And now we roll over, stick out our tongue, and hold our breath," says Jesse. The sub plunges and levels off at exactly 729.8 metres. "You may return to your duty stations, now," he says, but nobody moves. Jesse snaps, "What, you've never been twenty centimetres from your maker before? Move!" and they scatter. She leans in to Queeg and says when he's done skating over their deaths, she's got a question for him: "Why are we three hundred miles off course?" Queeg doesn't answer, but the reason better not have anything to do with the Dharma Initiative.

Sarah's in the garage examining the spare terminator parts when John comes in. "We were using it for research," he says, and she angrily orders him not to make excuses for her or to cover for her. She'd much rather have found his porno stash, you can tell. He tries to tell her he knew about the parts, but she's not talking about that; she's talking about Riley. "There's nothing to talk about, is there? Because Riley's dead," he says, sullenly, and she asks him what he thinks about that. He says he'll figure it out, but she says they both know what happened. He tells her Cameron didn't do it, but she doesn't believe him.

"I'm sure, and I know her. And she told me," he says. Sarah scoffs. "Just like she told you she destroyed every part we ever captured. Just like she tells us what she does every night when we go to sleep. When she comes back in the morning, she's covered in cuts and bruises. Just like she told you she loved you." Well, that last one's kind of true, isn't it? John slams the table, and snaps that his mom doesn't know anything, and he stomps off to go have a hissyfit somewhere.

"I'm thinking of an herb," John Henry tells Ellison and Weaver, who gleefully guesses "tarragon!" which is wrong, and Ellison is FINALLY losing his shit and asks Weaver what's wrong with her, why she isn't angry. "You asked me to teach him ethics, morals and rules. What good is it if he's not gonna follow 'em?" he says, and she tells him Henry will, if they give him a chance to learn them on his own, and Ellison eventually throws out an "oregano" guess, which turns out to be right, and Henry gives them a clue: "The sun is shining on Savannah." Ellison gets on his walkie-talkie to tell the security team to check near all windows. This would be the same security team that didn't notice the little girl wandering around the super-secret basement in the first place. And John Henry is now thinking of an animal, so Weaver and Ellison yell animals at him until Ellison says, "Bird!" which is right, and is also the clue, which confuses Ellison at first, until he has a eureka moment and radios security to meet him at the elevator.

And they head up to the roof, where they find Savannah asleep inside the company helicopter. Again: nice work, security team! I suppose the answer is John Henry guided her everywhere and yadda yadda yadda, but you'd think Weaver would have a little bit more sophisticated security measures to counterbalance John Henry's abilities. Anyway, Savannah climbs down into Ellison's arms, and he passes her off to Weaver. "You found me, mommy," she says, sleepily, and Weaver is all, "Yes, I did!" and carries her off, Ellison watching them. Probably all pissed off that Weaver's taking the credit.

Over at Riley's foster parents' place, now, and the foster dad answers the knock at the door to find John standing there, which must fill him with all kinds of happiness. "Is Riley around?" asks John, and Aaron says she didn't come home last night, and John pretends to be surprised by this. After a moment, Aaron invites him in. "Foster kids. That's the way it is with them sometimes. They drift into your life, and then they drift back out again. Not always according to plan." Then he starts talking about Riley being a tough cookie: "Good heart, as I'm sure you know, but tough to know," he says. John says he needs to talk to her, so maybe he can leave a message, but as he's saying this, the phone rings. Aaron answers it, and is relieved to find out it's Riley. John looks rather surprised. Too surprised, in fact, considering that this turns out to be the damn plan.

Of course, it's just Cameron talking in Riley's voice, telling Aaron that she's in Riverside and she's OK, and then she winds up talking to John, who interestingly at first almost seems like he wants to believe that it actually is Riley, only he knows that it's really not, and his conversation works on another level with Cameron: "You know you're really freaking everybody out, right?" he tells her. "Am I freaking you out now?" she asks him. Yeah, he's freaking out. He says they'll talk later, and she gives him another "I love you," and it's all John can do not to fall apart right there, but he just says, "OK, bye," and clicks off.

So outside, he meets up with Cameron and asks her what the hell that was about, and she tells him it was the plan, and he tells her that the plan was just for her to call the foster parents' house so the dad could hear Riley's voice, and Cameron's all, "I did that," and John points out that it's not all she did, and Cameron reminds him that the point was to make it seem like Riley was still alive so the foster parents don't go to the cops, and John's reaction made it more authentic, and if anything, John practically sobbing his eyes out made things more suspicious, if you ask me. She asks if he doesn't think it was more authentic this way, and he doesn't answer. So she asks where they're going now, like maybe they're going out to dinner to celebrate. "We're not going anywhere. I'm going somewhere, and I'm going to go alone," he says. She tells him he shouldn't be alone, and he says, "Yes, I should," and he stomps off down the street.

Ellison stomps back into the room to see John Henry, who asks if he had fun playing the game, and Ellison's all pissed off and says he didn't: "Because what you did made me very, very angry." He says John Henry kept a secret: "The secret you kept could have harmed Savannah. What if we couldn't have found her? What if she'd fallen from the roof and died?" "Then she wouldn't be alive anymore. And her life is important. Human life is sacred," says John Henry. Ellison says if anything had happened to Savannah, it would have been his fault. "My fault," says John Henry, sounding unhappy. Ellison says John Henry was the only one who knew where Savannah was, and he made a choice not to tell. "It was the wrong choice." John Henry considers this. Ellison might want to consider that John Henry could easily kill him without lifting a finger.

Derek and Jesse arrive back at her hotel room, and Derek's being his usual mopey self. "I think about Riley. What the cyborg did to her," he says. "It's a terrible thing," agrees Jesse, adding if John realizes what the metal is, what it does, maybe some good can come of it: "Maybe you can help him see that." Derek's not convinced. "'Good'? An innocent kid is dead, because that metal bitch murdered her in cold blood. No good comes out of that. None. Not ever." Jesse says he's a good man, and then she starts sucking his face and tells him not to let anyone tell him different. On the other hand, if someone were to tell him he's kinda dumb, don't press the issue so much. A couple of minutes later (at best, you know what I mean?) Jesse's buttoning up her pants and Derek's grabbing his jacket and walking out the door. "Hooroo," he tells her, and she says it back, like I love how all of a sudden this "hooroo" thing is a thing they have, only we've never seen it before now.

Back on the sub, Jesse asks Queeg why they've been going thirty degrees off bearing for the past four hours, heading into a major Skynet zone. "Our new mission required it," says Queeg, saying their new mission is

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