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Bet You Can't Hack Just One

Sarah asks if Derek's sure he knows where he's going. Well, I should, says Derek, pointing out a spot which is where he says he lost Kyle to the machines when they were kids.

And yet...they immediately come upon a wall that Derek says shouldn't be there, because in the future it's not. So the answer is to blow it up -- which they do. Behind the wall is an elevator shaft. "That's going to draw attention," says Sarah. Way to voice your concerns after the explosion, Sarah. Derek figures since they're on a fault line, it'll just be assumed that was a tremor. "Hey, Bob, did you hear that explosion? Should we check it out?" "Don't worry about it, Gord. We're on a fault line."

Derek and Sarah rappel down to B4, where the data centre is. Inside, they stroll freely about an expensive array of computers and machinery, none of which is locked up or monitored by cameras or anything. Sarah sticks in the USB device with the virus, and sectors on the city map start flashing red. "It's working," says Sarah, figuring that "red" equals "bad." Soon, though, the affected areas are clear again. That's...not so good. "Something's wrong. The system's blocking the virus," says Sarah. This doesn't bother Derek so much, because hey! They can still blow the place!

Well, now that an alarm's going off, they might not get the chance. A couple of security guards show up to waddle after Derek and Sarah, who go back the way they came, taking a ladder back up the elevator shaft. The guards aren't really doing anything but yelling "stop!" half-heartedly, but Derek and Sarah can't seem to flee at a pace faster than "trot." Maybe this "chase" was supposed to have been sped up in post-production. Making their way through the tunnels again, Sarah ducks out to the side while Derek continues to lead the guards through the maze of tunnels, cornering him in a dead end. They order him onto the ground and are about to handcuff him, when Sarah comes in from behind, and disarms and knocks out first one guard, and then the other (the second having naturally stood there and watched while his partner got his ass kicked). Derek grabs a guard's gun and is about to shoot them before Sarah intervenes. Derek is all wild-eyed and panting. Dude needs to get back in shape.

More brief images from the chip of Barbara working on his project, with Vick rubbing her neck. Then it fuzzes out again. Frustrated, John says he gets to a certain point and then the machine kicks him out. "It's like a part of Vick's memory just turns off. I've even cranked up the juice" -- he does so again, and things shut down -- "and there goes the power supply."

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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