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Bet You Can't Hack Just One

You'd think Derek and John would have found a traffic light on a less busy street. I mean, it's not a freeway or anything, but since they're sitting there with a laptop plugged into the control box, you'd think they'd want as few people as possible noticing this. Fancy schmancy computer screens go flashing by on the laptop screen. That means she's in, according to John. He makes small talk with Derek, saying he believes Derek didn't know Sayles was following Barbara. "Thanks," says Derek. Oh, more flashy computer graphics. "She's done," says John. What? That's it? What a gyp! No Cameron wandering around some Matrix-y computer world? We don't get to see that at all? This is bullshit. She didn't even get to ride any light cycles like in Tron!

Derek reaches down and yanks out Cameron's chip. Dude! It fucks up my iPod when I don't eject it properly -- Cameron's a Terminator! Derek stares at the chip, then says to John, "I want you to hear this in no uncertain terms. Someday, one of these things is gonna kill you." John takes the chip back. "It's not gonna be this one," he says. And that's when traffic goes completely haywire. Instant chaos! It appears the virus's effect causes stock photography of traffic jams to appear on television screens.

Back at the Connor Compound, John replaces the chip in Cameron's head. He folds the flap of skin back over the head wound, and presses down really hard, which I guess ought to be enough to heal the cuts. After a moment or two (with John stroking her head), Cameron stirs. John asks her what it was like. "I saw everything," says Cameron, looking slightly awed.

Speaking of seeing everything, a pissed-looking Sarah bursts into the bathroom and pulls aside the shower curtain, surprising a very naked showering Derek. Sarah says Sarkissian returned her call, and will meet about the Turk. Derek, remarkably composed in such an indelicate situation, asks when the meeting will be. Tomorrow morning, says Sarah. "Meaning this news could have waited?" he says. Sarah stares at him a moment. "You killed Andy Goode," she says. Derek doesn't react. "There was no one there to protect him, and you killed him," she says. Derek continues to stare at her, possibly wondering if she expected him to wait until Andy was protected before he tried to kill him. "You lie to me again, I'll kill you," says Sarah. She should threaten to kill Derek every episode.

Cut to another shower scene, this one of Barbara, smiling as Vick slides open the shower door. She's all smiles, and burbling about their upcoming trip to Tahiti. Hey, why don't they make Tahiti Treat anymore? I loved that when I was a kid! I --- oh, sorry, Vick's strangling Barbara. Understandably, she looks upset about this turn of events.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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