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We're in some school gym shower room, filled with boys soaping themselves up, and yet unlikely to burst out Motown classics in four-part harmonies, like they always seemed to on The White Shadow. And here comes Agent Kester. He flashes his ID to the coach, who for some reason is just standing by the boys showering, holding a clipboard. "I need to speak to Eric Carlson," says Chrome Artie. Just got out of gym class; give him five minutes, says the coach. Chrome Artie ignores this and heads down the row of showering boys, calling Eric's name at each of the stalls in turn, until he gets to Eric. "What seems to be the problem, officer?" says a spooked Eric, looking like he's about to pull a Vito Spatafore Jr. in the shower. Chrome Artie compares Eric's face to John's. No match.

"Are you for real, buddy?" yells the coach at Chrome Artie, threatening to get him fired for his little peep show. Well, Chrome Artie wasn't the one standing there the whole time with a clipboard, coach. Chrome Artie just tosses the coach against the wall and calmly walks out. "Coach!" hilariously screams Eric.

Sarah strolls into the bathroom and says she's only understood about a third of the files they grabbed from the Chamberlains' place. Derek just looks at her and continues to brush his teeth, and she points out he's been brushing his teeth for twenty minutes. Well, dental hygiene is good, Sarah. "With my toothbrush," she says. Oh. Oh, well, that's just nasty. He spits, and hands her the toothbrush, which she promptly deposits in the garbage. "I got you your own," she says, grabbing it from a shelf above the toilet, "and now it's mine." In which case, she didn't have to throw out the other toothbrush, then, right?

John calls Sarah into his bedroom, where he's discovered that the memories in the Terminator chip are stored according to category, "like mission, or location, or whatever." He says the same symbol keeps popping up on screen whenever Barbara's there. "You should look at this," he says. It's more video of a woman (we never see her face) being chased at night, then dragged by the hair, and then tossed down a forested path, coming to rest abruptly against a log. And doesn't move. "He gained her trust. Made her think he was human. And killed her," she says, looking over at Cameron. "That's what they do," says Derek, and he too looks at Cameron. John doesn't even have a line, but he does look at Cameron too. Sarah tells John to get the flashlights because they're going to go look for her. "Finding Barbara's body should not be a mission priority," says Cameron. Sarah agrees: "But we're going to anyway," says Sarah. Derek gives Cameron a little extra stink-eye on his way out.

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