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Bet You Can't Hack Just One

Derek and Sarah sit in an outdoor café directly across the street from city hall. Armed guards are frisking people entering the building. Is this how it is as a matter of course in big cities or are we supposed to assume something recently happened? After the waitress takes their drink orders, Sarah starts reminiscing about her time as a waitress (Derek has a hard time picturing it), and tells some story about a regular customer, a stage mother who used to criticize her two beautiful children constantly. "I swear sometimes I understand why they drop bombs on us," she says. Careful, there, Chomsky. There are many reasons why they drop bombs on us, but pushy stage mothers aren't one of them, and certainly not one that would deserve understanding if it were. Sarah goes back to watching Lockdown Day at City Hall, looking discouraged at all the security. Derek tells her not to worry about it, since they're not going in the front door. Derek's more about the rear entry, I guess. Actually, he's all about the network of underground tunnels underneath city hall. He did a school report on them in the ninth grade (his last year of school). Sarah asks how he knows they're still functional, and Derek says he lived there with Kyle. "After they dropped the bombs on us."

Some quirky kid with a pink phone message slip stuck to his chest makes his way down the hallway at Degrassi Junior High until he finds Cameron. "Happy Pizza Day!" he says. Cameron says she had two slices, and then asks him if she looks fat. "Uh, still good," he says. Hee! He explains that he recently had an incident involving a "banned substance" in the school parking lot. "As a condition of my rehabilitation, I have to hand these out to people," he says, peeling off the phone message and handing it to Cameron. There's a cop in the principal's office, he giggles, and he wants to talk to your brother. I suppose it would be silly of me to ask why he didn't deliver the message to John, but if I were a high school boy I'm relatively certain I'd prefer to use Cameron as an intermediary. Buddy stops laughing when he sees Cameron doesn't think it's quite so hilarious that there's a cop in the principal's office who wants to talk to John. "Wait, he's not a narc, is he?" Cameron glares at him, then says she'll make sure John gets the message.

Instead, she makes her way to the principal's office herself, and scans Agent Kester, identifying him as Chrome Artie (coming awfully close to being spotted herself, if you ask me).

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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