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I Know Now Why You Celebrate Birthdays

It ends with Chrome Artie, surveying the carnage, a little bloodied himself with the metal showing through his skin. He turns and points a gun at Ellison, who's reloading. They stand there, facing off. Suddenly, Chrome Artie drops his gun and walks away. Ellison watches him go, and then turns towards the swimming pool, the water turning red. Charley pulls up at the motel, and ducks for cover as he watches Chrome Artie walk away. Then he runs into the courtyard, stopping short when he sees the bodies floating in the pool. Ellison's crouching over the lifeless body of Agent Brassy. Oh, and Sarah's voiceover is rambling on about The Lord Of The Flies, but I could not be paying less attention.

John's back at his computer working away. Sarah strolls in, and asks if he's seen Derek. John thinks he's back at the park. "What were you two doing?" she asks, and John stammers out something about going for ice cream. He prints off a picture for her, of some heretofore-unseen other guy who may also have been after the Turk as well. She takes the printout, and then suggests he take a break. He says he's OK, and she wants to know how they're supposed to celebrate his birthday if he doesn't stop. She's rather proud of herself for remembering her son's birthday. He tries to play it like it's not important, certainly not when you compare it with Skynet and Judgment Day. "It's our life," he says. "It's our mission," she corrects him. "This is our life. If we stop caring about that, then we're lost." She says she sent Cameron to get a cake, which makes John laugh. She asks him what he wants for dinner, and he suggests, not to insult her cooking or anything, but could they maybe go out for dinner? He goes to shut down the computer, then notices something.

"That guy Derek killed in the alley," says John, looking at a scan of some ID. "I don't think that was Sarkissian." Indeed, the face on the ID is the cashier from the cyber café."

Johnny Cash kicks in again, as Cameron sashays across the street to the Jeep. She gets inside. There's a tall lanky man walking away, as Cameron inserts the key. The guy looks back -- it's the cashier/real Sarkissian. Cameron turns the key -- and the Jeep explodes. Inside the house, Sarah reacts to the explosion by standing up, taking a couple of steps, and striking a pose. A perplexed, intense, ready-to-fight pose. A pose that dares to ask the question: "Will I be renewed?"

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