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Remember Carlos? Some thuggish, scruffy looking dude pulls up in a car with tinted windows and approaches that shirtless guy who I think might have been in Sublime on the porch of Carlos's house, while the Silent Chiquita hovers around the car. Inside, Carlos and his men are watching some kind of Claymation thing on the television. They all jump up when thuggy driver comes in. He has his arms spread to show he's not packing, and I have to say it's lucky for Carlos that he's not. In short order, he's followed by a muscular dude in a casual suit, who closes the door behind him, and, speaking with an English accent, admires a sword on the wall. "You don't touch that," says Carlos, who doesn't sound as menacing when it looks like he's shitting himself. "Family heirloom?" asks the guy. "None of your business," says Carlos. Agreed, says the new baddie, but this IS my business. He pulls out a picture of Sarah, and asks Carlos if he knows who she is. Carlos says he's never seen her before. "Her name's Sarah Connor," says the dude, adding that he's read Sarah's FBI file, which also mentions Enrique's one of Sarah's last known associates, and also that he's an informant. "I think she went to him looking for identification, and I think he sent her to you," says, oh, let's call him Sarkissian. He also thinks that after Sarah got what she wanted, she went back to Enrique and killed him.

Carlos is looking increasingly uncomfortable. "So where is she?" asks Sarkissian. Carlos doesn't answer. Sarkissian's eyes go back to the sword, and he reads the inscription. "Los Ninos Heroes," he says, correctly identifying them as the six military cadets who died defending Chapultepec Castle. "Brave boys," says Sarkissian. Carlos and his men all smile, impressed, apparently. Shouldn't have let down your guard, guys! Sarkissian draws the sword from its sheath and between him and his henchman, quickly take out Carlos' three men. One of them writhes on the floor in pain, and Sarkissian drives the sword right into him (and, one hopes, through him and into the floor, pinning him there).

Sarkissian turns back to Carlos: "Now, my friend. How brave a boy are you?"

Back at the Connor Compound, Derek and Sarah are startled by a knock at the door. Oh, great, it's Charley! Sarah opens the door and snaps, "What are you do you doing here?" Well, that's a fine how do you do! She tells him to go home, and starts to close the door, but he stops her and says Agent Ellison came to see him. "And you turn around and come to me?" she says, glancing around. Yeah, really. Charley says it's okay, because he thinks Ellison believes her now. "If he believes you, he can protect you," says Charley, who is turning out to be some kind of moron. Sarah asks him if he remembers what he saw here, what with the killer robots and all that? "If they followed you here, not the FBI, you'll have killed us." She tells him to take his wife, and to get as far away from here as he can get. "Forget me, forget John. Just go." She closes the door. Charley looks pissed. "So...no sex, huh? Okay, I'll just g- unless you want to. No? Just...checking. All right. Well, you know where I am."

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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