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Cameron's evaluating one of the diamonds taken from the safehouse, while Derek says they can't expect to just give a guy a briefcase full of money and expect he's going to hand over the Turk. Especially since they only have $246,000 worth of diamonds. "We'll negotiate," say Cameron.

Derek and Sarah make their way through the food court, Derek griping that they don't even know what Sarkissian looks like. Then, cheering up somewhat, he reminisces about how when he and the resistance fighters jumped back in time, they spent their entire first day at the mall. "We all puked," he says. Then he adds, "The funny thing is, in the future, this place is a concentration camp." Yeah, that's...hilarious. So glad Derek Downer was able to join the team.

They spot an ATM. Right out there in the open air? Do they do that in California? Does it literally never rain in L.A.? God, I have to leave Canada. They look around. Since they don't know what he looks like they don't know if he's there or not, but Derek gripes that the son of a bitch stood them up again. Sarah wants to hightail it when she sees a couple of cops, pointing out they can't get the Turk if they're in prison.

Back at the Connor Compound, they enter the house to find Sarkissian sitting waiting for them in the living room. "So nice to finally meet you," he tells Sarah. He starts rambling about getting a call from someone wanting to buy the computer. So does he just sell it? "Or maybe..." he says, standing up. He stares at Sarah. "You're very beautiful...for a dead woman." Sarah tells him to just let them pay for the computer. "If I was going to sell you the Turk, you'd have had it by now." He has a counteroffer -- two million dollars just to not alert the authorities to Sarah's whereabouts. Sarah, never take the first offer! Derek's got a counter-counteroffer, which he delivers after shoving Sarkissian against the wall and pointing a gun at his head. Derek's offer: Sarkissian tells them where the Turk is, they keep their money, they bury him in the backyard. I gotta say, I don't think Sarkissian's going to go for that one. "If I don't walk out of here in ten minutes, my people are instructed to call the FBI and tell them everything I know." "'Your people'?" says Sarah skeptically. Sarkissian says, yeah, my people, the same people watching your son, on a field trip at a science museum, yes? Sarah looks stricken. "Your people have no idea what they're walking into," says Derek, and Sarah has to call him off. Sarkissian says they've got twenty-four hours to come up with the money, and walks out. Sarah tells Derek to follow him.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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