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I Know Now Why You Celebrate Birthdays

Morris, of course, assumes Cameron is kidding. "Your sister's dark, bro!" adding that she's gong to love the Smiths. John wants to get the rock out of there, but Morris has other ideas, like asking Cameron to go to the prom with him. Cameron stares at him, until John yells at her to say yes, which she does, and Morris's head practically pops off his neck.

Elsewhere, Ellison flirts with some FBI agent to run a name for him: Kester. He's an agent. "This the guy?" says the pretty FBI agent, who Ellison calls Karen, showing him the screen. Kester's got a file, and a mug shot. Ellison is staring at George Lazlo's face.

At that very moment, Agent Kester is in the FBI evidence storage, trying to get his hands on a file from the Sarah Connor case. Sorry, says the agent in charge, after checking on the file name. It's signed out to Agent Ellison. "Ellison, eh?" says Kester, adding "Crush...kill...destroy ..." as he totters out of the room. You'd think that would raise some suspicions.

Ellison and Chrome Artie miss each other by seconds on adjacent elevators, like this is some crappy romantic comedy, albeit one from years ago, when they didn't all necessarily star Kate Hudson.

Cameron and John pull into the garage at the Connor Compound, and it's great that our heroes have finally learned to CLOSE THE DAMN GARAGE DOOR when they're saving the world in secret.

John and Sarah stare at the dead body in the trunk, Cameron explaining that the guy was a threat. John wants to know if he said anything. "He said very little. And then he was quiet," says Cameron. More bad news: Derek comes in and says he lost Sarkissian at the Cahuenga Pass. Oh, hey, dead body show and tell!

Derek says they need to find Sarkissian, and Sarah wants to move. John adopts his customary I'd-rather-get-killed-than-move stance. And then someone's cellphone rings -- and it's coming from inside the trunk!

Sarah snags the cellphone from the dead guy and tosses it to Cameron, telling her to do her thing. And despite the dead guy saying very little, apparently Cameron got enough to replicate his voice. Sarkissian orders his henchman to bring John and Cameron back here. "No more games," he says before hanging up. Odd to say that to your henchman, no? Derek wants to know exactly where the hell it is they're supposed to find the guy. When the henchman doesn't show, Sarkissian's going to come right back here. In a surprise move, even Sarah thinks they have to leave the house.

There's a knock at the garage door. Cameron and Derek draw their guns, while Cameron goes to open the door. It's Silent Chiquita, rocking the Sarah-patented bloody tank top. Sarah, you trendsetter!

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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