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DK and Laura make their way to the carpark. "Something's going on," DK knows, and Laura too: "John is holding out on us." Only omitting the horrible burden that has been wearing down his soul since the first season, the dick. An IASA security guard opens their trunk and the Skreeth leaps out, hissing horribly. It kills the guard first -- he fires shots into the air -- and then takes out poor DK and Laura. Every time John tries to protect somebody with dishonesty, they end up dead. It's an oldie but a goodie. Commercial and then back, to where the Skreeth is digging its claws into DK and Laura's faces, and talking to Grayza through Braca. It's kind of neat how the Skreeth never talks except through him, even in the scene with Grayza. "Are you sure that they're telling you the truth?" asks Grayza. Indeed. "Plainly, not all humans have Crichton's alleged ability to resist interrogation." I hate it every time they bring that up. I could love Grayza, except for that. Braca drools; DK and Laura scream awfully and bleed all over. "Then Crichton has given no wormhole information to Earth yet?" AKA the rub. Just like with Aeryn: the game he's playing is only destructive. Not that he's wrong, just that it's a lesser of evils and not a great plan. Which is, you know, his mandate. The Skreeth confirms: "That knowledge can die with Crichton." Grayza's like, get a grip on those horses and remember I'm in need of it too. "I'm confident I can capture him, but...doubt I can bring him to you." Since Grayza can't come to the Skreeth, she'll just have to seize him and learn what she can. "...Then execute him." Grayza agrees with the Skreeth and gives her leave to kill DK and Laura.

John sits at the dining room table, flipping through a photo album with some coffee, when Olivia enters. "Shopping with aliens!" she tells him, setting her stuff down. "They closed off the whole mall. The store owners, I'm sure, were very annoyed." She kicks her shoes off and sits with him. John shakes his head: "I'm sure they love it. It'll be in all their ads tomorrow...not to mention something to tell their grandkids." She notes the photo album: "Do you want to go live in the past?" He smiles at the kid-sister Psych 101 and also at the irony: "No thank you. I've been there." She gets serious: "Well, where do you want to live?" It's really a choice. You get so used to this show every week that -- at some point in the episode -- you kinda have to force yourself to understand that it's a legitimate question. Be with that for a sec. He could stay. "I don't know, you tell me. Where do I belong?" She asks if he misses this life, and he points to pictures: "I look at these pictures and I recognize the faces...some of the places. But it's not my life." He points to pictures of their mother, young Olivia herself, and their father. "I miss him, but I can't...he's changed." Olivia smirks. "He's changed so much that you can't talk to him? You know, he says exactly the same thing about you." John admits that he has changed, but tells her that he can't tell Jack why. "Because he's the Director for Extraterrestrial Studies," -- her face goes sad -- "What he hears, the government hears." Olivia can't believe he doesn't trust Jack. "Coming here was a mistake. It was an accident, and it shouldn't have happened." I'm not a shipper, but the echoes are really loud in here. Aeryn, wormholes, Earth, and Jack. "There are things that the government cannot hear." Like, something bad? He rushes to comfort his sister, beeping her forehead and talking like ET: "Don't worry. It'll be okay." They giggle and grab-ass and you could swear she's really Browder's sister. It's a neat moment. "Trust me." She does.

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