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The echoes across are loud: the laka is intimately tied to John's violation by Grayza -- lay down Chiana's blindness beside John's emotional blurring, see the way they draw a quartered square: Chiana can't make the jump from the body to the mind without the body going wacky, John can't cross from thought to emotion without hitting "Fractures" and his own violation. Chiana's steps toward freedom last week with Johnny, in terms of clearing the dark spot on the line, are mirrored here in Aeryn's discovery of the laka (and D'Argo bears witness to this, of course, because like John he's not present for his own drama, because he can't, because boys are pussies). The first two stories show Aeryn crossing that bridge to John's home and history. Next week, Chiana takes the step toward saving that hurt part of herself (with both sexy and horrible results); and John is able to reclaim the territory of his heart. It's crystalline and magnificent, but also I should disclose that I have the mother of all summer colds and earlier today I broke into doped-up tears watching Chiana's screen tests. Minute 11 of the makeup tests is just a killer! I am so high right now! Gigi Edgley is awesome when she's just looking at you!

Speaking of awesome. Cousin Bobby's interviewing the lovely and unrealistically incredible Caroline: "So, how long have you known John Crichton?" She met him six years ago. "And how long have you been his girlfriend?" Aeryn enters the garden, behind Bobby, in faded jeans and a cute (only on Aeryn) western shirt, accompanied by a security guard, who stands guard at the gate. Caroline draws a hurried line across her throat at this line, seeing Aeryn approach: "Bobby, cut. Cut. Take five." It's adorable in a Jennifer Aniston oh fuck kind of way. Bobby sighs and leaves for his assigned break, and Aeryn walks over to her. It's very canny the way that Bobby is the normative voice, the one that sees alien Aeryn as a guest and human Caroline as the de facto girlfriend -- it lends a lot of weight to the awesomeness of Caroline, because it balances out her ability to not be an understandably jealous freaktrain like she 99.9% would be in real life.

"Don't stop, I'm interested in the answer!" says Aeryn. She laughs quietly to herself, and in that second she wins Caroline over. Sometimes it's better to just be honest. Well, all the time, but just putting it out there like that: it's Aeryn's MO and it fucks her a lot of the time, but I take it as a sign that she's (a) read enough of Caroline to know this is best, and (b) is demonstrating tremendous growth by the simple fact that she's opening the conversation by saying, "I am totally motherfucking out of my depth here and I need your help in this field exercise." I have no idea how this gambit would play in real life, because it's vomit-scary, but in the context of these characters it's a brilliant move. Caroline smiles a little too widely, but there's affection there: "Wanna tell me why you want to know?" Aeryn nods. "That's fair." They stand and begin to walk down the garden. "John and I were in a relationship." Caroline ducks her head, you know the gesture: "What kind of relationship?" Complicated. Caroline laughs, not unkindly. "I can imagine." Bobby films the flowerbeds. "...Well, actually, no. I can't imagine. John and I had a much simpler one. No strings, no grand plans, just good, casual times. Well, at least, that's how it was before." And now? The shadow over Aeryn's face, the open need. I'd be like, "Um, I'm actually a nun, and went back in time to not date him, is how much he's in love with you. Just please stop making that face at me."

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