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"And my cousin Bobby. Bobby is totally fascinated by the ETs." Or more specifically, Chiana and Sikozu in bikinis, whom Bobby is videotaping. Chiana puts down her magazine and gives him the finger with a grin, then turns to Sikozu. "Hey, I got this great idea. How 'bout we break outta here and go make some new friends?" Sikozu reminds her that they're not allowed out unescorted, and considering Chiana's way of making friends, she doesn't blame them. Heavy closeups of Sikozu in her bikini, who turns and looks into the camera with alien eyes.

"Sparky and Wrinkles? They're the happiest of the crew. They're in gastro heaven." Noranti pours popcorn kernels into Rygel's open mouth: "It's called...cop porn." Tasty!

"But T.R. Holt...he is not happy." John and Holt walk along outside IASA, both in dark sunglasses. "What's the big deal? It's a simple proposal, a trip on a spaceship for five hundred of Earth's best and brightest." Holt wonders who should pick those five hundred: John? "No, no. Let UNESCO handle that, or the Nobel Committee." Holt's more interested in, as he puts it, "keeping it local," which John translates as "red-blooded Americans" only. No deal, he says. "No cookie." Holt quotes an official: "The Farscape project was, and is, an American initiative. I do not think it is unfair that America should reap the first benefits of it." And what big-hearted patriot said that? "A former astronaut by the name of Jack Crichton." John stops and Holt looks at him. "Did you know we're making him IASA's Project Director for Extraterrestrial Studies?" He clicks his tongue. "Father and son. Dynamite PR." Holt begs John not to screw it up for Jack, who's "just so happy to be making a contribution." John takes off, asking if Holt's "nice suit" comes standard. Holt doesn't get the joke.

John's wearing totally cute kicks: black with white laces. "Which brings us to Dad." We watch the Crichtons in their dining room, through the curtains. "Dad's world was upside down, so he's trying to make it right side up by putting up Christmas decorations... even though it's Florida, and the whole block is cordoned off with security." Outside the alien mansion, a group of state troopers hold back the press. "Family traditions. They're supposed to bring us together, and to make everything normal."

John drops onto the couch, family bustling all about; Aeryn enters. "So. You do this every cycle?" He corrects her: "Year. Every year." She corrects herself, bites a smile. Jack tells her that Christmas has always been "our" favorite holiday. John reminisces about the Christmas where the smoke came back down the flue because "Mr. Jingles" was up there; he brandishes a framed photo of the famed cat at Olivia. Jack begs him not to hold "one little mistake" against him. Everybody playing their part. "The cat didn't have hair for three months, Dad!" Aeryn reaches for the cat picture: "What the frell is that?" Jack and Olivia discuss the horrors of riding lessons as John explains housecats to Aeryn. She's met Chiana, right? It's all so warm, the easy rhythms of family. The easy way Aeryn smells her way in, looking at John, wondering if she lets herself in through this back door, he'll let her in the front.

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