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Bobby comes in, still rolling video. Jack and Olivia tease John about an ornament he made when he was five; John complains that next they'll "break out the bare-ass baby pictures." Jack asks Aeryn what she thinks about that, and with a huge grin, she nods. Jack threatens to go get the photo album, and Aeryn makes fun of his discomfort: "I've seen it already." Olivia and Jack continue to tease him; the doorbell rings. John heads out to answer the door as Jack beckons Aeryn over: "Here. Let me show you this... "

A blonde woman -- Caroline, most recently from "Unrealized Realities" -- stands at the door, bearing mistletoe: "Special delivery from the Ghost of Christmas Past." John calls her Caroline before she wraps her arms around his head and kisses him, bottle in the other hand. Aeryn watches them kiss. "Welcome back to Terra Firma," says Caroline. John sees the confusion on her face and glances back to see Aeryn watching them; she drops her eyes when he sees her. "Hey, um...Caroline's here. Come on in." Caroline squeezes past John, into the room. John stands in the doorway, and in voiceover reminds himself that things have changed. Caroline and Jack say hello and he invites her in; Aeryn smiles politely at a photo album, gone from girlfriend to weird visitor in the ringing of a bell. She's fitting in, making the best of a situation. I don't know what the straight equivalent is to this exactly, but I know we've all felt it: I'm a good friend, you have a lovely family, and merry Christmas. Things have changed, John tells himself. "And we don't get to close our eyes and pretend they haven't." This is a funny one for me because I don't know the parallel you do, how you felt this, so I can only talk from what I know: I just know that The House Of Yes is my favorite movie because in the snap of your fingers, Parker Posey can be a man. You know? And that's Aeryn right now. You sit down, back straight, and try not to look at him too long, and you're grateful for the guest room. I'm a good friend, you have a lovely family. Merry Christmas. And life and the easy rhythms of family carrying on all around you. Walking that fine line of sex/not-sex and all the questions left unanswered. The open arms of your lover's family, and Caroline in the wings. I'm not going emo, I just can't figure out how you watch this from any other perspective.

"And everyone is telling me how different I am. They're right, but they don't have a clue why. They can't know what I've seen, what I've done...what's been done to me." Birds fly overhead; a pair of pelicans land on the water. "They can't know what's out there waiting for them, and I can't tell them, because they wouldn't believe me." Perhaps they'd lock him up. "Frell, I'd lock me up." Caroline walks down the dock, putting her hands on John's shoulders. Hands on the Crichton! John closes the book as he senses her arriving. "Hey, Buck Rogers. You're supposed to be fishing, not writing memoirs." She sits down, gets cute-nosy, but he just calls it "homework." Truer words. Caroline leans into him. "This was supposed to be a weekend off. No homework, no stress, no aliens, no demands. I guess I'm not doing my job." She turns his face towards hers, kisses him on the lips. He doesn't really respond.

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