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Luckily, the show won't let him off that easy. Jack approaches Aeryn in a corridor, and she offers him a ride planetside in the Prowler. John approaches with his journal, trying weakly for his short-term amends: "Go for it, Jack. She's the best pilot I've ever seen." He closes the book. "Think you can manage a side trip to the moon?" Oh, Aeryn grins. "I think I can do better than that."

Saturn. Jack giggles as the Prowler takes a turn around it. It would be Saturn, not just because planetary rings = crazy space, but also because he's the father. "I'm farther from Earth than any human's ever been." Aeryn chuckles at that, and Jack agrees: "I guess my son does have a few miles on me." Aeryn, in the fore seat of the Prowler, gingerly nudges the bubble: "He must be happy to be back on earth though." She is not so good at these conversations, but she does well here. I do love Jack and Aeryn together. Any version of Jack, really. Even in dreams, they always get the tone just right. "I don't know. He's having a tough time readjusting. He...hasn't talked much about what he's been through." Not even about...his shipmates? She's a kid in strange territory. I don't have a problem with the twists and turns of the John and Aeryn thing; at no point do I have a problem. I think this show probably does the romantic tension stuff better and more inventively than any show I've ever seen. As a writer I respect it highly. As a judgmental relationship expert who always knows best, the fourth season of this show drives me completely nuts, because they are both being total pussies. They have reasons, good reasons, crucial brilliant reasons, and maybe it's an Aries thing, I don't know, but it makes me want to slap them both across the gorgeous face one hundred times without stopping. Don't make me write another Office recap, bitches.

Aeryn's face falls at Jack's response: "No, he's talked about your societies, customs. Remarkable stuff!" Jack already knows what she's asking; I don't think she knows that. She tries another angle: "He thinks that your species and mine might somehow be linked." Jack says that he wouldn't be surprised -- Earth geneticists are still studying it -- but if he didn't know better, he'd think she was human. She snorts. "I'm not." And since she is proving so terribly bad at this conversation, in her fear and loneliness, he takes the next step for her, cutting to the quick, so like his son: "Do you wish you were?" She claims innocence, and he asks outright if she has feelings for his son. "Does that shock you?" No. "I suppose it might, if I thought of you as an alien life-form, but I don't. John has not said anything to me, but I believe he has feelings for you too." I've had this conversation too. "He did," says Aeryn. "Now..." But Jack knows: "Now, he's home. That's one of the things he's gonna have to sort out. Just give him time." She hums, and loves Jack, and heads back toward Earth.

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