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I Fought the Bylaw and the Bylaw Won
A patrol vehicle makes its way through the darkness up to communications station 19A, where a soldier named Foster checks in with HQ before going up to the door. He hears something inside, and asks if it's "Mission" sleeping off another bender or maybe just locked himself in again. Then he opens the door. I presume that "Mission" isn't the name of the raptor that greets him and drags him inside for tasty devouring. Because it would seem unwise to staff your communications stations with people-eating dinosaurs. Speaking of unwise, you'd think solo patrols would also not be the way to go on Terra Nova, but I've never repopulated a planet, so maybe I'm the idiot.

With the Terra Nova crew on scene in the aftermath, Malcolm says it's pretty clear what happened: Foster must have left the shed door open and the nicoraptor snuck behind him. There's an ankylosaurus nest nearby which must have attracted it. Jim wonders why it attacked a human with the food nearby, even though the nest looks pretty empty to me.

Malcolm: "You got an endless supply of chicken, it doesn't mean you'll turn your nose up at a bloody rare steak." Sounds like he's hoping to bond with Jim over something manly like meat-eating. Jim's skeptical though, even more so when he finds the inside of the shed door scratched to hell with claw marks.

Over to Boylan's, where the enterprising Josh is putting away glasses. Boylan strolls up and smirkingly says there's a complication with his girl, and Josh is all, "Kara?" like how many damn girls is Josh planning to bring from 2149? "We had a deal!" he whines, without knowing what the complication is. Boylan says if Josh wants him to get her there, he's going to have to do something for him. Josh says, "I'm listening," a little too readily. Josh needs to get in the habit of asking follow-up questions before reacting. Boylan sets up a couple of shot glasses because Josh will need some courage first.

In the infirmary, Elisabeth is autopsying Foster (via hologram, is what it looks like) at Jim's request to see if anything unusual turns up. Malcolm's pleased to see her in his neck of the woods, and he shows off the ankylosaurus egg he brought back from the nest. It's cracked but intact, so it's an "incredible research opportunity." Of course, with him and Elisabeth looking at something together, Jim can come in to look all pissed at his wife interacting with her co-workers. He's got Zoe in tow because he got a call from the school saying she has an earache. A sympathetic but skeptical Elisabeth points out that yesterday it was her tummy. "I just miss you, Mommy," whines Zoe, and everyone acts like this is sweet instead of a problem.

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