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I Fought the Bylaw and the Bylaw Won

And then everyone ignores Zoe in favor of the murder investigation. Elisabeth found two types of blood on the victim. One was his, the other came from a gallusaur, which Malcolm confirms is a nico's favorite food, kind of a prehistoric turkey. "I think this was a murder," says Jim.

Over to Taylor's office, where he explains to Taylor and Wash that the gallusaur was trapped so it could be used as bait. Taylor's bummed. "Foster was a good soldier. If somebody killed him, I wanna know who. Find out. Do it quick and do it quiet," he says, and assigns Wash to help. Jim says they should talk with his friends because he is some kind of genius investigator and Washington knows where they'll be.

That's right, over at Boylan's place, in the sunniest, most sedate Irish wake I've ever seen. Jim and Wash stroll up to the table of like three soldiers and ask if Foster got along with everyone? Pretty much, they say, and the questions twig the guys (including what's his name, Maddy's arranged husband, to the idea that they're treating this like a murder. They tell him he was seeing a woman, pictures on his ID tag. Everyone in Terra Nova has them, and despite it being against the rules, they hack into them to put on personal pictures, music, downloaded episodes of Archer, etc. Jim and Washington think it's weird that Foster's mystery woman hasn't stepped forward.

So they go to retrieve Foster's personal effects at the infirmary. Zoe's still there? She's not going back to school? She's drawn to the ankylosaurus egg and asks if they're going to fix it. Before they can answer, or say something like, "Sweetie, be quiet while Mommy and Daddy investigate a MURDER," the egg rattles, because the dinobaby is still alive, so Elisabeth is guilted in saying she'll try to help it, like she doesn't have anything better to do.

Anyway, there was no tag among the personal effects, so they have to track it (each tag has a locator in it) and it's moving, hitching a ride in the nico's belly.

So Wash, Taylor and Jim chase down the nico in vehicles (nobody in helmets, because why would you? Why would you?) with a couple of redshirts on motorcycles and they chase the raptor into the woods, which doesn't seem like the smartest tactic. They disembark and pursue on foot, Jim strangely concerned that they're not going to kill the thing. Yeah, why kill the dinosaur with the taste for human flesh? But they're not -- sounds like the plan is to cut the raptor open, get the tag, and have Wash stitch it back up with her export field medical skills. And now the raptor is up a tree and now it is down and Taylor hits it with a dart because he's the only one here who brings anything to the table.

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