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I Fought the Bylaw and the Bylaw Won

Wash digs out the gallusaur bait and Foster's tag. They're able to project a picture of the woman with Foster, but before they can run facial recognition, the tag sputters and dies. Survived in the dinosaur's stomach only to conk out now! It's OK, because Wash recognizes the woman, who works in the mess hall.

But this is no lunchlady Doris -- Rebecca Milner's dark eye makeup, long hair, cleavage and skirt all scream Central Casting sex bomb, and she's suspiciously cagey about knowing Foster. She's knows a lot of people, what with her working in the mess hall, looking all sexy while ladling out gross prehistoric food. She says it's her JOB to be nice, and she's sorry if Foster took it the wrong way. Wash finds her husband's pilgrimage lottery notice and they insinuate that she married him to get through the portal and then "trade up" to a better man. Rebecca's too sexy for these wild allegations!

And then her husband Harold gets home, and tells his wife to "shut up" when she protests against Jim and Wash's insinuations about her relationship with Foster, because he knew all about it. Then he immediately confesses to killing the son-of-a-bitch and says he'd do it again. But as anyone who watches Law & Order knows, a confession one-third of the way into the episode ain't worth a thing.

Having dropped Zoe back at school, Elisabeth comes back to find out if everything's OK with the stupid ankylosaur egg. Malcolm's X-raying it and says there are birth defects that have prevented it from hatching and he thinks it's no use but since Zoe will be crushed Elisabeth is just going to find a way, dammit. Malcolm does his thing where he continues to gaze with awe upon his ex-girlfriend.

Wash and Jim (mostly Jim) grill Milner, asking for the details on how he murdered Foster. He's got them all: he tailed Foster to learn his schedule, then trapped the gallusaur and waited for the nicoraptor to come. When it did, he closed the door behind it and drove away.

Then we get a whole lot of male moanin' -- Milner talks about how much he loves Rebecca and how stupid he feels that she used him. And then when Jim presents Taylor with the evidence, Taylor does some speechifyin' of his own about Memorial Field which is where everyone is buried -- but never before for a murder. The bylaw says the punishment for that is banishment. "Out there?" says Jim, and can I just ask Jim WHERE THE HELL ELSE WOULD YOU BANISH SOMEONE, and yes, the banishment would be out there. Taylor's got the option to commute it to imprisonment, though. Anyway, he's off to bury a soldier and think on his decision.

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