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The next morning sees the family drinking a blue liquid to help prepare their stomachs for the fresh food and dinosaur meat they'll be eating, and then it's off to work for the parents and off to orientation for the kids (really, shouldn't the adults go to orientation too?). Maddie spies a statue of some sort of probe and because her brother doesn't care about history, it gives her a chance to explain that the probe was sent through the time fracture but its beacon was never detected back in 2149, which somehow proved the probe was in a whole new time stream. Sure, and not that somehow it stopped working after 86 million years. It's a ridiculous explanation that just serves to announce this show isn't going to subscribe to the butterfly effect theory, which is a whole lot of time-travel-fiction nonsense anyway, and then Josh blows off orientation to go to the prehistoric farmer's market.

Over at agricultural duty, Jim is given the task of weeding, which he thinks will be easy, but of course it turns out to mean 10-inch roots entwined with the colony's fencing, and he has to hack them off with a machete. But it gives him an excuse to take his shirt off and climb to the top (after falling off when a huge-ass millipede runs over his hand) and get all "I'm the king of the world!" with his arms in the air, while Taylor checks him out with fancy binoculars and for some reason doesn't order a sniper to take him down for that embarrassing display.

Meanwhile, at the Flintstone farmer's market, Josh meets cutie girlfriend-replacement Skye, and acts like a complete dick to her, but this is one of those instances where a girl finds jackassery adorable, and Skye susses out that Josh left someone behind. It's true, but one look at Skye's ass, and Josh seems to forget about ol' what's-her-name, who is probably choking to death right now.

Elizabeth is making the rounds, and you can see why she was recruited: being first in the class in Northwestern makes her the identical candidate to calmly pull giant leeches off people's backs.

So Jim runs into Josh playing hooky with Skye (and is Jim playing hooky from work? Probably just lunch break) and Josh doesn't take too kindly to his cop-punching dad lecturing him on following the rules. "You can't just come back after all this time and start telling me what to do," he says, and stomps off.

While Elizabeth and Jim discuss what to do about Josh (she wants Jim to cut him some slack, saying Josh really missed his dad), as well as the perplexing question of why someone would steal anything in a colony where everyone is provided for, their wayward son is discovering that Skye lives not with bogus bring-down parents but with other 16-year-olds who work hard and play hard.

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