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The rescue party makes radio contact with the kids, who are fending off the gathering crowd of slashers with their rifles, but Tasha (Guzman's daughter) gets freaked out and insists on making a run for it back to camp. When no one else agrees, she grabs a gun and heads out into the dark woods on her own, and gets attacked by a slasher. The rescue party finds her, so Elizabeth tends to Tasha while the rescue party uses her info to pinpoint where the rest of the kids are -- not that there's not enough time for Jim and Elizabeth to decide that Josh is exactly like his old man: a rule-breaking ass-hound.

Back in Terra Nova, Maddie's love interest shows up at the door to make sure they're OK, and Maddie pretends Zoe is scared so he'll stick around and look all hunky for her.

Meanwhile, the kids -- as we learn that Skye's parents died of some sort of fever -- have decided to take one of the power cells and sprint back to their own vehicle with it. That choice becomes a little less under their control when a slasher rips open the Sixer vehicle and starts chewing on (the ironically named) Hunter. The kids gamely try to fight off the slashers, but they're moments away from being dinosaur chow when the rescue convoy shows up to send the slashers scattering. Hey, how long does Jim have to be on security detail before he gets a helmet and a vest and the other badass equipment that everyone else gets? At any rate, he's firing these rifles like he had marksmanship classes on them. Security gathers up the kids -- Max has been injured -- while they go to find the Sixer left behind, only to discover that Mira has managed to spirit him away in all the confusion. Really? All the slashers and the Terra Nova crew there? Mira's some kind of Cretaceous ninja.

Back at Terra Nova, the Shannons have a family hug, while Skye goes to see Taylor to apologize, because he's been so good to her since her parents died. Well, now she knows why the area is off limits, he says, and she's somewhat taken aback, but his reason is just that it's slasher territory. Then he faux-casually asks if they went to the falls, and she's smart enough to say no. He looks at her, eyes flint, and tells her that they're treacherous waters.

But right now the Sixers are there, looking at the equations, as well as the footprints that indicate the kids were there. Taylor won't like that, because he's trying to keep it under wraps, we learn, as well as the fact that it's Taylor's son who's leaving the rock scrawlings: "Every time he gets closer to an answer, he puts it here for Taylor to see," says Mira. "To remind him the real reason of Terra Nova's existence: control the past, control the future. These are the key to everything."

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