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Because the Night Belongs to Sixers

The Shannon family home is just a whirlwind of activity, with Josh late for work and unable to find his shoes, and I was starting to think that, "Oh, damn, the pet ankylosaurus ate them," but there is no sign of this life-changing little critter. Elisabeth is off to surgery while Jim is taking Zoe on some secret adventure that hopefully requires Jim to do very little punching. Maddy finds Josh's shoes, and he wants to know what she's being nice and smells nice and looks nice, and she shoos her family out the door while saying she's going to be working on homework, which confuses Jim. "It's Saturday," he says, perplexed, like maybe he's a dog with no sense of time and since school is not happening for Maddy right now then maybe it's happening anymore forever?

And once the family is out one door, Maddy is opening the other one for her soldier-boy boyfriend, and I hate to admit this but this guy is so boring that every damn episode I have to look up his character's name on IMDb, and Maddy tells him that they never suspected a thing. Wait, wasn't this guy supposedly doing everything very old-fashioned and formal, because that's what Taylor wants?

Speaking of Taylor, he's looking at that gasoline-in-water-colored object of Mira's, which Malcolm says has a "DNA-response" system so that it can only be opened by one person: Mira (they assume).

Outside, Josh runs into Skye and Hunter, who is still hungover after drinking one fermented root too many, and since he's been hungover for a week, the genius teenagers who seem to do nothing but sneak out and drink finally decide a trip to the infirmary might be in order. Josh ribs his stupid friend for being stupid, and Hunter moans to Skye, "Please tell me why we became friends with the devil?"

In the infirmary, Elisabeth gives Hunter shit for being an idiot (i.e. for the drinking) and then, upon examination finds that he's got a 30-foot parasite in his intestines and is going to need emergency surgery.

As for Jim and Zoe's adventure, they're off to the colony's virtual library -- basically a chair in front of a "liquid memory" called "The Eye" that stores all they need to know about anything while they sit in a big chair while the images float in front of them. It seems ridiculously unable to be used by more than a couple of people at a time, but that doesn't seem to be a problem because no one seems to want to use this amazing machine that can simulate being on a rollercoaster, and it's practically hidden in what looks like an abandoned cave. Zoe wants to look up where she was born, and Google Maps and Streetview are apparently even MORE advanced in the future, because they're able to zoom right in to the house where Zoe was born, which looks like an empty building in the desert right before the A-bomb test. Jim explains that they had to go there because they weren't SUPPOSED to have Zoe but they wanted her anyway, so hang the rules. Gotta say, with surveillance of every nook and cranny like that in 2149, it was only ever a matter of time before the Shannons were caught.

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