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Because the Night Belongs to Sixers

All is not lost, though! Malcolm has some sort of chip-making machine. Unfortunately, it's powered by a chip, which is fused like all the others.

Luckily, there's someone in the colony who can fix it, but it's Boylan (who used to be some sort of "munitions expert" or some such thing), so he has to be a dick for a few moments when Taylor comes to the bar to ask him. Taylor eventually strong-arms him into agreeing to do it, like I'm not sure how it is that Boylan even thought that he would have a choice not to do it.

Meanwhile, Jim is taking apart the stupid chair in the stupid Eye because he thinks there's some sort of access hatch underneath that leads to the outside.

And in the jungle, the Sixers have learned that the EMP has knocked out Terra Nova's defenses, so they're getting ready to ride on in. One of Mira's underlings points out that they're still horribly outnumbered, but she says she's got something that will even up the score.

Taylor and Washington go over the priorities for who gets the new chips first, with the infirmary obviously top of the list. Beyond that, Taylor's worried about their defenses. Without their electronic weapons, all they have is the fence. He and his silver beard are going to think on that awhile.

In the jungle, Maddy and Mark have given up on thinking they'll make it back before nightfall, so they start smearing each other with stinky mud that will make them to unappetizing for the carnosaurs and slashers and what have you. Plus it doubles as comic relief, or it would if it were funny.

Anyway, Elisabeth is pulling the disgusting parasite out of Hunter's body by wrapping it around a stick. She gets called away to attend to a patient who was in a rover that flipped when the pulse hit, so she puts Skye in charge of the parasite-rod turning. She feels like throwing up and I'm right there with her.

Night has fallen and Maddy and Mark have unfortunately not been eaten by dinosaurs (well, I suppose that could be fortunate, depending on your point of view) but all that could change when the bushes start rattling and the two of them start climbing a tree to avoid the nicoraptors sniffing around on the ground. Wait, didn't a nicoraptor climb a tree, like, the VERY LAST EPISODE? Maddy can't climb a tree for shit and Mark has to literally shove her ass up the tree. They decide to stay in the tree until the sun comes up.

Back in the Eye (which is apparently shielded with its own power supply. Too bad they didn't think of shielding any other power supply), Jim has gotten the chair off to access the emergency hatch. He talks to Zoe about the manual override handle on the other side of the door (at least there's one) and he needs her to go through the short tunnel to the other side. She's much too scared, though. Mainly because of the spiders. "I hate spiders," he says, and Jim admits he does too. But then he says he got over it when he learned the "Go Away Spider Song" and he's totally making it up as he goes along, but that's sometimes what fathers do. And then he lays on the guilt about how they need to get back to their family.

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Terra Nova




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