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Because the Night Belongs to Sixers

Over to the Sixers now, and Mira's ace in the hole appears to be a giant friggin' dinosaur that the Sixers are guiding -- via torches, it seems -- towards the colony. So -- wait, this is Mira's secret equalizer? How exactly did she keep it quiet? Or did she just figure that when they got the chance they'd wrangle a Massivesaurus rex towards the colony? Whatever, at least it's a dinosaur destroying the terrain. Also amusing: Mira's bloodlust as she yells things like "ALL THE WAY TO TERRA NOVA!" The dinosaur's far from the only star tearing up the scenery.

Back in the Eye, Jim's coaching Zoe through crawling through the tunnel and pulling down the handle. He lowers her in head-first. She looks around, nervous, and then looks back at her dad. He asks what's wrong, and she says, "The song, Daddy," and he starts improvising the Spiders Fuck Off song, and she starts crawling.

Back in the infirmary, Skye is still pulling out the parasite when Hunter decides -- maybe he thinks he might die -- that now is a good time to say he doesn't want to be a brother to her, and it kills him that she's in love with Josh and everybody knows it except Josh and her. "I always thought that maybe one day you and me might..." he says, but then trails off, moaning, saying the parasite is doing something -- and then it snaps itself from the rolled-up portion and slithers back into his open wound, and Hunter starts shaking. Skye screams for help, and Elisabeth comes running. She gave you one job, Skye! Elisabeth takes over and tells Skye to head for Boylan's, where he's making the circuitry, and she needs a chip for a Class 3 biobed.

Zoe: crawling. Jim: singing. Running out of lyrics. Daniel: kind of now wishing Jim had the kind of problem he could punch his way out of.

Back in the tree, Maddy and Mark are disgustingly still alive, with Mark blaming himself because this wasn't how their first date was supposed to go, and Maddy points out that it was kind of her idea to sneak out, and he jokes that she's a bad influence on her.

They hear some dinosaurs chowing down on some poor creature, and Maddy asks if he thinks they're going to die out there, and Mark blah-blahs about how he's never going to let anything bad happen to her ever and then the next thing you know they're making out, and at this point I don't necessarily need for them to be eaten by dinosaurs; dying from falling out of a tree would work just as well for me.

Back in the Eye, Jim is still singing when he stops hearing Maddy. He gets quite concerned, but fortunately they don't drag out that particular tension -- the father not knowing what happened to his daughter after she vanished into a place where he can't follow -- because I don't know if I could have handled that for too long. Instead, Zoe opens the door with the manual override and stands there beaming. Jim asks if there were any spiders. "Nope! The song worked!" she says. I'm a sucker for father-daughter stuff, and Zoe is kinda too adorably proud of herself to make fun of so let's all just move on.

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