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Because the Night Belongs to Sixers

Back in the Shannon home, Josh lounges in the living room while his mom suggests asking Skye over for dinner one night, and he's all "yeah yeah" and then sits up, alarmed, when he realizes she's serious.

And then Jim strolls in, talking about how awesome the big dinosaur at the gate was -- the dinosaur that was moments away from devouring them all -- and then the power comes back on and Elisabeth is all, "Great, I can make coffee," and then EVENTUALLY Jim is all, "Where's Maddy?" and I guess it hadn't occurred to Elisabeth to check, and then out pops Maddy, freshly washed and pretending that she got a lot of work done by chem lamp. Apparently she still stinks, so I guess that's something. Maddy starts in with the how-obvious-is-it-that-I'm-lying excuses about the garbage incinerator getting stinky with the power out, and she walks away, all pleased with herself, while the jaunty everything's-OK-again acoustic guitar crescendos. I hope she never finds out that Elisabeth remembered getting COFFEE before she remembered to check on her daughter after an EMP, a shockwave, dinosaur attack and Sixer invasion.

Night again. Mira and another Sixer arrive at a meeting point. "I don't think he's going to show," says her escort, right before whomever it is they're meeting arrives. "I was starting to worry," says Mira, who got there like FIVE SECONDS AGO. "Give it to me," says Buddy, and Mira says, "Not even a thank-you?" like just how damn long do the Sixers want to spend in the jungle at night, and Buddy seems at first to apologize, saying he's been out here so long he's forgetting his manners. Then: "Thank you, thank you for finally getting your act together and doing what you were sent here to do," he snaps, and demands the box again.

Mira -- who tells us all (I assume Buddy would know this) that she was supposed to bring it through the portal to him, but thanks to Taylor it took longer than expected -- wants to know what the box is for. "My work. Just my work," he says, and he holds up the device, which powers up and springs open on his touch, displaying holograms of mysterious charts and formulae. "Beautiful, aren't they?" he says, just spookily enough for us to know that he's kinda crazy.

The box shuts. "So much to do," he says, putting it in his pack and starting to walk off. Mira calls him "Lucas" and tells him to be careful, because Taylor knows he's getting close to an answer. "If he wants to stop me, he's going to have to kill me. Good ol' Dad will have to choose between his own flesh and blood and his precious Terra Nova," says Lucas.

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