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Skye’s the Spy. Makes Sense -- It Rhymes.

Anyway, as we move out, we see that there's a slasher watching them -- a slasher who knows the storytelling value of sticking its head a little more after they've left, and looking evil.

When we get back from commercial break, we see a couple of Sixers by a rover and one of them radios the Sixer base to tell some dude that Skye hasn't shown up yet, and their communication got caught off. Mira's second-in-command tells them to hang tonight, because Skye's smart (her affection for Josh notwithstanding) and will figure it out.

And there's Skye figuring it out! She spots Josh among a group of colonists about to head outside the gate with shovels, so she casually strolls over and asks what's up. He says they're going to "dig a new line for the 11th by the water-supply junction" whatever that's supposed to mean, and she asks if they need any more volunteers. Like, don't people get paid out here? He asks about her medical internship with his mom and she says she's on evening shift, so he tells her to go get her work gear. I imagine that Josh assumes that since his dad is in charge right now, he gets to make decisions like that.

Out in the jungle, Taylor wants to know when the last time was that she saw Josh, and she says it was a couple of weeks ago, but she's not really up for answering any more of his questions on how Josh is doing. She says she doesn't pity him over the whole father-son drama, because whatever happened, he brought it on himself.

See, she asked Lucas why he hates his old man so much, and he told her to ask Taylor about Somalia. This brings Taylor up short and she asks again (and not to nitpick too much, but if she doesn't actually KNOW why Taylor hates his old man, then why does she say he brought it on himself?) but Taylor just grabs her with both hands and slams her up against a tree. "He's my son. I want him back," he says. "You think you can get him back? He's gone, Taylor," she says, adding for good measure that Lucas is crazy -- and she doesn't control him; he controls her. Then all this gritted-teeth arguing is interrupted by the fact that they heard something out there. Yeah, there might be a dinosaur or two out here. Taylor orders Mira to keep walking.

Back at Terra Nova, Jim is trying to enlist Malcolm's help in isolating the DNA sample, and Malcolm is all "absolutely not!" because it's the chemical equivalent of finding a needle in a haystack. He points out that the dominant ingredient in paint sealant is toluene, which destroys red blood cells. So no, he's not going to help.

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