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We swoop in over the dystopian landscape of the present-day Earth. (I mean, the present in this show, so really the future. You know what I mean.) It's all brown and dusty and domed, and Lucas is in one of those domes watching as mining equipment and soldiers get squared away for the eleventh pilgrimage. He chats with some nefarious type who we haven't seen before, and they ask about the jagged scar on his neck. Lucas brushes it off as an encounter with a nykoraptor that almost left his boss a poorer man. The boss is all, "Let's not count our money just yet," and Lucas says they have the best army money can buy. You can't buy character, Lucas.

Transition over to prehistoric Terra Nova, where Taylor and Jim are arranging their soldiers around the portal, since they're not sure what's going to be coming through. Elisabeth's there too, setting up med tents, which will provide CO2 infusers to pilgrims or serve as a mobile trauma unit if they wind up with casualties. Jim has to show his much-more-professional-than-he-is wife who the boss is by telling her to be ready to fall back to the colony if things "go sideways" and I think she's there precisely IN CASE things go sideways.

Dunham sets up some big gun facing the portal, and Taylor reminds him that people can only come through a couple at a time, so they might as well use the choke point to their advantage. Dunham wants to know why they don't just shut the portal down, and fortunately Malcolm's there to explain that the portal only focuses the time fracture -- if they shut it down, it will only open again some random place within about three klicks. Sadly, the fact that they provide this information serves as an alert that one way or another, that's what's going to happen.

Anyway, the pilgrimage is scheduled for tomorrow, so there's plenty of time for everyone to get their affairs in order. Finish watching Friday Night Lights, play a few last rounds of Team Fortress 2, that sort of thing.

Back at the Shannon household that night, Maddy has decided that she's an expert on military strategy, since her stupid boyfriend Mark gave her a book on it, and Zoe's hoping to shoot a sonic cannon if there's a war. Josh wants to come to the portal in case Kara's there, I guess because he's really tired of jacking it, but Jim wants him there to look after his sisters. He promises to take care of Kara if she comes through.

The next day, Maddy kisses her stupid boyfriend Mark goodbye, and sighs as he turns to wake away, so he turns back and rams his tongue back down her throat and tells her he loves her and she says it right back to him. Meanwhile, Taylor and Washington are being just as intimate in their own militaristic way, and Jim tells his kids to hide if there are any problems, even though his stupid kids are basically lucky to be alive by this point considering all the stupid things they've done.

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