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So: at the portal. The soldiers encircle it as it crackles to life with a time-travelling radio transmission coming through asking if they're ready to receive the pilgrimage. They are, but they're tense, and then people start zapping through, starting with a family of three. There's about a half-dozen people who seem kind of lucky not to have their heads blown off by some nervous soldier, like in one of those first-person shooter games where you accidentally on-purpose shoot a hostage.

Then Kara comes through. "I got this one," says Jim, who goes and hugs her. But the next guy through says, "Help me," and rips open his jacket, revealing a bomb strapped to his torso. "Bomb!" yells Jim, ducking for cover with Kara, but there's no time before the guy explodes, sending a soldier flipping through the air. It seems funny at first, but then we watch dirty Jim, stunned on his back, watching everything in slow motion. There's a crying woman, and a guy on fire, and people are injured, and there's the guy on fire again, and then Jim closes his eyes. Why can't there be a guy on fire every episode?

Anyway, Jim eventually comes to in the infirmary, where he's far from the only patient. He's in pain and he can't seem to hear anything, except for the ringing in his ears. He hobbles after some brunette in scrubs who he thinks is Elisabeth but it turns out to be someone other than the woman he's been married to for several years. Outside the infirmary, it looks like a war zone, and there are a lot of annoying quick cuts as Jim stumbles through the compound, almost getting run over by an armored rover, before staggering up the steps to Taylor's office, only to be greeted by rifle-wielding soldiers who knock him down the stairs and menacingly tell him that he needs to leave. He sees Mira out on the deck with Lucas and the boss from 2149 (not that Jim knows who this guy is).

Anyway, he's only saved from ... getting told again that he has to leave, apparently, by Elisabeth, who shows up all, "He's with me!" and explaining that Jim's disoriented. He seems to be able to hear again now, though.

Back in the infirmary, he says the last thing he remembers is the explosion. She tells him that was three days ago. I guess his ears rang for the entire time and then stopped two minutes after he woke up, which is lucky. She explains that after the explosion, the fracture opened elsewhere, close to the colony. The army stormed the gates. Washington held them off as best she could, but twenty-six people were killed before she surrendered. And no one's seen Taylor since. She tells him to go home and see the kids. OK, so this army storms the colony and takes it over but the colonists are still able to freely move about? Am I missing something?

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