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Anyway, Maddy and Zoe hug their dad when he comes home, while Josh is brooding. Turns out Kara didn't make it. "It's my fault for trying to get her here," says Josh. Then he stands up quick and hugs his dad, fighting back tears. "I'm sorry," says Jim, hugging his son. He could probably tell Josh that it isn't is fault, but I'm not going to tell someone how to parent his kid. And can I just say that it's either really stupid or really ballsy to have Josh's primary driving force be getting his girlfriend to Terra Nova -- and then killing her off ten seconds after she arrives? I haven't decided which one yet.

Nighttime now. The kids are asleep. "Where's my gun?" Jim wants to know, because he's an idiot, and Elisabeth has to point out that an invading army probably isn't going to let the occupied colonists HAVE FIREARMS. There are search lights outside, and there's a curfew starting at 8. "It's like being back at Golad Prison," says Jim, which may be overstating it a LITTLE. He wonders why they didn't just clear the colony out. Elisabeth explains that they're hostages, as the army figured that Taylor won't try to take the colony back if there are still civilians inside. Jim wants to know if anyone's fighting back. "Less and less," says Elisabeth. Yeah, it's been three days already, so it's about time everyone gave up, I suppose. Anyone who fights back is sent to the brig "or worse," she says. So Washington's in the brig, right? Nope, but they're keeping a close eye on her, says Elisabeth, like Washington is a problem student, and not, you know, Taylor's top soldier. Good god, what kind of stupid army took over this pack of idiots? Elisabeth's ridiculous excuse is that the renegades like having her out where people can see her, to remind them who's in charge. Don't the soldiers wandering around with guns do a pretty good job of that? Jim decides he's going to go see her, which is another good reason why occupying forces tend to keep leaders of any potential resistance under lock and key.

Anyway, Washington's feeling sorry for herself by sitting in Boylan's bar with her hair down, while Boylan unsuccessfully attempts to get a table of mercenaries to pay for their drinks. Not even the fact that Jim's awake is enough to get Washington excited (which I guess seems about right) since she's still beating herself up over the innocent people that got killed when the army -- a military-for-hire known as the Phoenix Group -- started shelling the colony. She tells Jim that the army brought back another terminus to replace the one they blew up, one that goes both ways, so they can ship back the unobtanium or whatever. But some dinosaurs tried to eat it so it's broken, and Malcolm is helping them fix it. Anyway, she's got no way to contact Taylor. Jim wants to know what the plan is, and Washington doesn't have one, so his plan is to hurt them and keep hurting them until they're gone. That's fuckin' ingenious, if I understand it correctly. It's a Swiss fuckin' watch, as someone once said.

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