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Meanwhile, Mira goes over to the infirmary with a couple of soldiers and is surprised to find that Jim's not there. It's almost like he wasn't under guard and was able to just leave when he woke up!

Jim's gone over to see Malcolm and demand to know why he's working for them. Malcolm angrily points out the window the soldiers put his assistant's head through when Malcolm refused to help, because it didn't occur to Jim that an army that has already killed 26 people might use force -- and the threat of harm to others -- to coerce their prisoners into working for them. Malcolm says he's working as slowly as he can, because while Lucas is brilliant, he's no engineer, and so he hasn't caught on. Jim tells Malcolm to keep dragging it out, and I'm sure Malcolm appreciates Jim busting in and making accusations and then telling him to do EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS ALREADY DOING.

And then Malcolm hears people outside -- it's Mira, along with the employer guy from 2149, and she's telling him that Jim is smart (ha ha ha!), capable and dangerous, and might know where Taylor is. "By all means, we should talk to him," says Shadowy 2149 Boss, and doesn't mention that it might have been prudent to keep a guard on him.

So they see Shannon, who pretends -- with Malcolm's help -- to be mostly deaf and shell-shocked, and in need of crutches. Lucas tries questioning him anyway, about where Taylor is, and Jim stonewalls him by "pretending" to be dumb. Lucas is completely fooled and Jim can't even wait to make sure that all the bad guys are out of the lab before smirking about what a genius he is, and then he bumps into Mira who looks suspicious, but doesn't do anything.

The next day, Lucas is fixing himself a little drink, earning a withering "little early, isn't it?" from Mira that he ignores. Shadowy 2149 boss comes in to say that everything's going smoothly in 2149 where the story in the media is of a "containment breach" at Hope Plaza, and that'll take years to clean up the radiation. Their bosses back in 2149 also want Mira to go to the badlands for some reason that we're not going to get to hear before Skye shows up and Lucas goes out to have a creepy chat with her.

"You betrayed me to my father," he says, and she's all, "Yeah, I kinda did, didn't I." He says that he's decided to forgive her, because he understands that Taylor's like a father to her. She admits that, and then he says that makes them brother and sister, and how could he hurt his sister? He strokes her face a little skeevily like he's contemplating doing something ELSE that brothers and sisters shouldn't do, but he just tells her not to betray him again, because next time he won't be so forgiving.

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