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Taylor rolls up in a rover, and Jim fills him in on the pyrosonic plan, and there's a handy soldier, Riley, who says they can trace the frequency or whatever right to the charge, and then she can defuse it.

The charge is, at that point, being set by Lucas and the Phoenix group, with the Phoenix sergeant or lieutenant or whatever the hell says "I'll let 'er rip once we've cleared the blast radius," and I have to agree that waiting until you're out of the blast radius before setting off the bomb is the right move. I can see why he's the boss of the soldiers here.

Fortunately, Taylor and Jim and the soldiers don't run into the bad guys on their way to the charge. When they get there, Riley pulls up the top part of the pyrosonic and says she's "never seen a decompiler like this before" and says it must be Russo-Chinese. Have you ever watched a bomb-defusing scene in any television show or movie ever where the defuser didn't express some sort of surprise at some component of the bomb that makes it trickier than he or she expected?

Anyway, Weaver back on the ridge spots some infrared movement by the bomb and radios Lucas, who figures it's his dad and urges the commander to drive faster so they can clear the blast zone, and we all sit watching a show that's trying to create tension by pretending there's a chance that the two heroes of the show are going to die with an hour and fifteen minutes left in the season (series?) finale. Riley cuts the last wire a split second before Weaver futilely pushing the detonation button, so nothing happens, and then Lucas grabs some sort of futuristic bazooka that rains down rockets on the valley while Taylor et al. roll out of there in the rover. "Son of a bitch!" screams Lucas, and I have to wonder why they bother with a pyrosonic when they can just let this guy chew the scenery and clear the valley in no time flat.

Taylor and the gang have made it back to their makeshift camp, sharpened spikes surrounding the perimeter to help protect about carnosaurs, who have already killed two of their own here, including Gonzalez, who was supposed to get married. I have to say that sucks for Gonzalez, but I don't recall ever seeing him so let's move it along. Taylor asks after Washington, and Jim says she's been better, and she feels like she let Taylor down, but Taylor feels that she had no choice but to surrender. And it's time for Jim to get back to the camp before he's missed -- again, great job by the Sixers and the Phoenix Group and their prisoner policy here -- and gives him a communicator so he can keep in touch. Taylor's plan? Just keep hittin' him. Again, ingenious in its simplicity. You can see why Jim and Taylor get along so well.

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