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So cut to the colony at night, where Taylor, pretending to be addled and muttering about looking for the train station, is escorted home by soldiers who tell Elisabeth that they caught him wandering around on the wrong side of the perimeter. They also warn her that unless she keeps a better eye on him, next time he's coming home in a body bag. Again, Jim doesn't even wait until all the bad guys are out of the room before he breaks character and starts smirking about how he's fooling everybody. "That was too close," he says.

Later, in bed, Elisabeth and Jim cuddle while Elisabeth says that she was the one who found him, after the explosion, and he was lying very still. She says she hadn't been that scared since the day they came to Terra Nova and Jim was pulled aside at Hope Plaza, and then he blathers on about how he makes it his mission in life to always make his way back to her, and then they start making out and doing it.

Then we get the Good Guys Strike Back! montage. Jim hobbles around on crutches, looking around furtively, and sticks a tracking device under a rover. You'd think that they'd use a tracker that doesn't have a BLINKING RED LIGHT on it, but what do I know. Taylor and his band of merry soldiers start intercepting convoys. Lucas angrily knocks shit off tables. Washington cozies up to soldiers in Boylan's bar and sticks tracking devices on their clothes. And more Phoenix soldiers go down to Taylor's crew.

In Taylor's former office, a soldier breaks the news that they've been hit again: three dead, four wounded on the evening patrol, with no casualties on the other side: "They saw us coming," says the soldier. Well, yeah, it was a PATROL, but a ninja stealth mission. Lucas snaps that someone's helping his father. Maybe you want to think about your "Let the leaders of the resistance roam around unguarded" policy? It's very progressive, I admit, but doesn't seem practical for an occupying force.

Over at Boylan's, Josh takes a refill over to a table of one: Lucas, who marvels that Shannons seem to be everywhere, and then mocks Josh, saying he looks sad and wondering if he lost a friend recently. Then he sticks a terra in Josh's pocket and advises him to buy a new friend. Josh stays silent through all this, and then broods in the general direction of the table when Skye comes in, having been asked there by Lucas to talk about Taylor and forgiveness, with Skye admitting that Taylor hasn't said a word to her since he found out she was spying for the sake of her mother, and a drunk Taylor saying that he's been waiting his whole life for his father to forgive him for being born.

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